Thursday, July 28, 2011


A friend of mine recently turned me on to AWOLNATION, and I must say I am currently obsessed.

The first song I heard of theirs was "Sail"

I instantly fell in love with it. It is such a haunting melody that seriously shook my insides when I first heard it. It intrigued me because I couldn't pin down WHAT it was. Like I couldn't figure out what the genre was! And I loved that.

I was expecting the whole rest of their album to sound like "Sail." But boy I was mistaken.

The more I listened to their album, the more I realized just how amazingly versatile this band is. EVERY track is so different, but in such an amazing way!

It was a really pleasant surprise. Honestly, I am obsessed with this ^ song right now. It is SO damn catchy! You can't deny it. So don't even try.

This is yet ANOTHER ridiculously catchy and fun song from their album. It seriously does make me want to jump on someone's shoulders...not sure how that would turn out, though...

And this one...Oh my. SUCH a sweet, sweet song. It really almost brought tears to my eyes. It is like pure love and happiness in a song.

Honestly, I could post every song from their album, but I will just stop here. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out, though. This band is going places.

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