Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doctor Doctor

Somebody call the love doctor...cause I'm smitten for Doc Martens. I used to DESPISE Doc Martens, but now it seems I've reached the other end of the spectrum of affinity for them. Ever since about 2009, the Doc has been attempting to reinvent themselves and bring themselves back to their former 90's glory.

Love this pic ^^^ btw.

And they definitely have been making a comeback (most stylishly, if I might ad). I love all the above looks.

Agyness Deyn has been rocking them for a while now (LIKE A BOSS). She looks like a bad ass no matter what she wears.

Love this picture. I think the white and black ones are really fresh.

But I really love the red ones. I love this red. It's almost brick red, I guess. So you can pair it with more browns and earth tones with it still working. I LOVE this outfit. I found it on Lookbook and fell in love with it. Can she be any more cute??

Here's another outfit from Lookbook. Such a cute outfit! They look great with her black tights.

I think I like them for the exact reason why I used to hate them: they're bulky and dorky looking. Now I find something incredibly charming and adorable in that. I'm also going through a really weird punk phase right now...and I feel the need to dress really strong and rebellious, which is hard considering I own hardly any clothes that fit in to this category. So Doc Martens kind of represent this strong, bad ass chick that I really want to be right now.

Right when I thought I couldn't love them any more, I found out they come in a floral pattern!! :D It's like a 4 year old girl decided to design a pair of Doc Martens!! How cute are they?? Girlie and cute while still being punk rocker at the same time!

I really love the black ones, too. I actually love these more than the white ones.

Unfortunately, Doc Marten hasn't deemed it suitable to lower their astronomical prices (a pair is about $150.00), I'll just keep my eyes peeled for a pair at the thrift stores.


  1. yep, cute cute cute. I can't rock the docs, size 9.5 in doc martins look like clown shoes. No good.

  2. haha I almost bought a pair at a thrift store in Camden. I've been going through a punk phase too. But I decided not to buy them just because they would be hard to take with me traveling. Love the pics, S!

  3. I came across what has to be the smallest pair of Docs today, while I was searching for Richard Simmons vinyl at a thriftstore. They were fetus-sized.

  4. I love these shoes! And they would look perfect on my foot because I'm a 5 :)