Friday, February 25, 2011

That 70's Girl

I am definitely not a huge fan of Vanessa Hudgens at all. However, I AM a ginormous fan of 70's fashion icon Bianca Jagger. Although I do not consider Vanessa worthy enough in the least to be posing as Bianca, I must say that she did a pretty good job.

In case you are living under a rock or in a convent, 70's are IN. That's all that has been being screamed in my face by magazines and blogs lately. And nobody embodied 70's style better than the gorgeous Bianca Jagger.

Where to start with Bianca? First wife of Mick Jagger, muse for Halston, fashion icon, good friend of Andy Warhol, iconic 70's party girl, and then some. Bianca truly defined the 70's better than anyone else.

I LOVED the styling in this shoot, how it was shot--everything. I really haven't been thrilled about the 70's being all the rage now, but this shoot has really made me excited about it and given me ideas of how to rock it in my own way. Ku-freakin'-dos, Instyle. And Vanessa...I guess you get a good job, too.

I featured some of Bianca's iconic pictures that inspired the ones taken by Vanessa. You can really see how close some of the looks are to one another.

Not usually a big fan of Calvin Klein, but this look is SO sexy.

These pictures make me so happy to be a part of the itty bitty titty committee! Only those more sparingly endowed can rock these, loose, flowy, deep cut pieces.

What a pimp suit by Marc Jacobs. This is straight up disco fever, but I love it.

Besides making the jumpsuit an iconic symbol for the 70's, Bianca also revolutionized women's fashion by wearing androgynous looks like this suit.

Although famous for many things, one of the many things was when she rode into Studio 54 on her 30th birthday on a white horse led by a naked man. Now THAT is an entrance.

Bianca rocked/shocked the fashion world when she wore this revealing YSL suit on her wedding day. That was totally unheard of then. But she was a fashion daredevil. I think she looked fabulous.

Ah, those cheek bones. If only...

DVF is all up in 70's this spring and she was not trying to be subtle about it. This hooded maxi dress is fantastic. It's futuristic while still maintaining traces of its 70's roots.

See the resemblance? I love this hooded Halston gown.

NBD. Just chattin' it up with ANDY WARHOL.

Love this Gucci jumpsuit.

Seriously, only Bianca can rock a turban like this. I'm pretty, positive, that if I tried rocking a turban, it would be a fail of epic proportions. She just looks so exotic! I cannot get over how fabulous she was.

These two pictures, to me, show how timeless and classy Bianca's style was. This picture is from the late 70's and yet it looks like it could be from last week at some hot club! I also love how effortless Bianca's style looked. Her "dressed up" looks always had a sort of "Oh, I just threw it on before I ran out the door" feel to them, and yet they always looked so fabulous! That is truly an art. She also never wore much makeup. With a face like that, you don't need it.

KILLER Halston gown that also looks like it could have been from a Spring 2011 collection. Such a classic gown.

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