Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nicholas Kirkwood, my new love

Although I am not AS obsessed with shoes amiga Kelsi Sparklepants, I do adore shoes greatly. And when I find a pair I like, it fills me with a fiery passionate happiness of magma love....yeah.

I didn't really plan on focusing a lot on just shoes, but when I saw Nicholas Kirkwood's Spring/Summer collection in Vogue, my heart exploded into a million pieces of joy shrapnel. Prepare your eyes to be wowed by such incomprehensible beauty that you won't know what to do with yourself.

Basic black pump? I think not. The sparkles totally zest it up and I love the architectural piece on the bottom. It makes it completely unique

Simple? Or simply stunning? If you guess the latter, you're correct.

OK. How flipping cool are these? They are so futuristic, but still have a very Art Deco feel to them.

SO cool. He played with this shape a bit with different patterns and all of them are awesome.

Oh so classy.

I LOVE the opalescent strip and how it compliments the shocking cobalt blue of the rest of the shoe.

It's fluffy. It's pink. It's a pair of rockin' heels. I needn't say more.

He reinvented the spats look here with some metallic lace, which I love.

I flipping LOVE these. I still can't figure out why I love them SO much. I mean they're fairly simple, and maybe that's why. I just love the heel mostly. It's so unique. And I love how there's a little notch out right under the heel. It is such an architectural shoe. So elegant.

Definitely an amazing party shoe.

These might be my favorite shoes in the collection. They are INSANE. I don't even know where to start. The lace? the straps? The 5 mile heel and chiseled platform?? Ahhhh je t'aime!! Everything about this shoe makes me go crazy pants.

Sexy and sophisticated.


This print is so beautiful.

Definitely NOT just your typical red pump.

Again with the chiseled heel. Love it still. I love the ankle strap. That is so sexy to me for some reason.

I actually really like this wooden heel. It's simple, but unique.
This shoe reminded me of Audrey Hepburn's outfit at the horse races in My Fair Lady.

Hi. I'm a shoe with beads in my platform. I'm a baller.

Ahh I love.

Love love love. These colors are amazing.

Even his flats are amazing!! This guy is definitely a fashion O.G. Can't wait to see his Fall line.

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  1. Skybaby giggleface, you are a mastermind! I adore you to the galaxy and back!!!! Omg, this collection is stupendous and so breathtaking and you dedicated it to me!!!???

    Those baby blue heels are my favorite too. I don't know what to do with myself when I see them. Explode? Combust? Bounce to the moon with need for them? I MUST OWN THEM!!!!
    Darling - bank job. 7 o'clock. See you there in our matching leather jumpsuits and stiletto boots. :DDD <3 <3