Monday, June 27, 2011

Rain Rain...Again? rained June. Yep. TOTALLY weird and not really appreciated, but slightly refreshing.

In honor of this serendipitous downpour, here are some rainy pictures :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beach Baby

This is a photo shoot that I am really, really loving at the moment. I realize now as I'm posting this that it has many similarities to the shoot I posted a few days ago...I guess I have a thing for girls with jagged, neon bobs :)

The thing I love about this shoot is how incongruous it is, and yet how harmonious it all is. At first, you might look at these pictures and think, "Ok...crazy pink hair and random dress and heels at the beach." But keep looking. Each one of the dresses reminds me of some aspect of the beach. And I feel like her hair is the perfect modern, edgy touch to this shoot. It also reminds me of a gorgeous sunset at the beach.

This is my favorite shot from this shoot. Her dress seriously looks like waves in the ocean. I love how the dress compliments the blues and whites in the sky and the ocean. It's really beautiful how it is billowing up, too. It really makes it appear like a cloud or a wave.

The fullness of this light, cotton dress mimics the waves crashing on the rocks.

Ah, I love this shot. It looks like her dress could be part of the rocks she's standing on. Gorgeous.

This dress reminds me of what the ocean looks like when the lights is dancing over it at sunset. She kind of reminds me of a clubbing mermaid here :)

This dress is AMAZING. What amazing movement. It looks like she just swirled up out of the sand.

This is what a beach goddess looks like :)

This has really got me wanting to style a beach photo shoot of my own. I'm wracking my brain, trying to figure out what look I want to go for and how to make it original and not, "We're taking pictures at the beach."

All I know is that I feel like this shoot hit the nail right on the head. Muah!


The melodies of my day :)

Words of the Day

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." -- Maya Angelou

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Something really radical has happened to me in literally the last week. I feel...dare I say it, like a WOMAN. A bonafide woman. I looked in the mirror today and actually felt sexy, which is something I never thought I'd feel. Cute, yes. Pretty, sure. Sexy, never. But for some reason, which came about from some unknown source, I feel changed. And it feels wonderful.

This song is really epitomizing how I'm feeling at the moment: sassy, sexy and in control. Pretty much loving it right now. :)


Recently, I discovered the awe-inspiring work of photographer Lara Jade. And thank goodness I did. WHAT a talent. If I didn't respect photography before, I most certainly do now. But I especially respect Lara's skill and ability to actually transport my mind to an alternate world when I'm viewing her work. When I look at her work, it's like looking at life as I wish it could look. Ethereal, light and effortless, her pictures float across my eyes, leaving me touched and fulfilled after each viewing.

I am so thankful that I've discovered her so that I can follow all her work now. I'm so excited by this that I just had to share. This is one of my favorite shoots of hers that I've found. Maybe it's the cotton candy hair or the balloons, but this shoot has me bewitched. I hope it does the same for you :)

Be sure to check out Lara's website and her personal blog. This girl needs to be supported so she can keep supplying the world with her amazing art!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Because we all need a laugh :)

Demetri Martin's photo Today's drawing. #demetrimARTin >>>
Demetri Martin on WhoSay

I must admit....I'm kind of developing a massive dorky crush on Demetri Martin.

Picture of the Day

A Trip to the 50's

This past Monday, I was finally able to do the 1950's photo shoot that I've been anxiously awaiting!!

This outfit was such a pleasure to style.

The dress...the AMAZING dress, I found at Crimson and Clover. It was seriously love at first site. I had the idea for this shoot for a while, and as soon as I saw the dress, I knew it was the one. When I tried it on and had that zipper zip up smooth as butter like it was made for me, I knew it was meant to be. :) That is honestly one of the best feelings in the world.

I also purchased my lovely, ruched gloves there, too.

That piece de resistance, my hat, was ever so graciously loaned to me by the wonderful owners of Article Consignment Boutique. Not only are Abe and Val pretty much the nicest, most adorable couple in the world, they have AWESOME items in there.

When I saw the hat, I knew it belonged with the dress. It seriously matches it perfectly.

Ah, there is just something about hats, isn't there? I'm kind of obsessed, if you didn't know. There will be a hat wholey devoted to sweet lids in the very near future :)

At first I was thinking of styling the shoot like 50's with a modern edge, but the classic 50's look was just too wonderful. I had to stick with it. I felt SO elegant in this outfit. Part of me wishes we still dressed like this on an every day basis...but the realist in me hates that idea haha.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the shoot. All of these were taken by my good friend, Marcus Meisler. This is his website if you want to check out more of his amazing work.

I hope you enjoy them :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


There are two things that I love very much: 1. Ryan Gosling 2. Fancy schmancy man duds.

If only there was a way to get both of them together some how.....Oh wait!


Ryan Gosling IN fancy schmancy man duds!! What more could I ever ask for!

This is honestly one of my favorite mens photo shoots. Yes, the fact that Ryan is in it has a big part to do with it. But I just love the clothes in it, the dim lighting and the old fashioned feel it has to it.

Mmm sooooo sexy. Dapper, debonair and dashing is pretty much all I can say to describe this.

I would come sit with you in an abandoned diner, Ryan....:(

Ah, if only all men dressed like this still.

If you are a man and reading this, please take it upon yourself to start dressing like a BAMF and improving the suaveness of our world.