Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fab 40's

Well, it's official.

40's are BACK this Fall.

And I am very excited.

There were traces of the 40's in a lot of the ready to wear collections this Fall, as evidenced by the numerous 40's inspired editorials in many of the September issues. But most notably, we saw it in Miu Miu, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.

I've posted some pictures of 40's fashions alongside pieces from these collections to show the strong 40's influence in them.

Miu Miu

The one word that really describes the 40's to me is: Simple. Clothes in the 40's HAD to be simple. With nationwide fabric rationing and our nation in the throes of a world war, luxury and extravagance were not an option.

But simple didn't necessarily mean boring. The reason why I love 40's pieces so much is that although basic and simple, the construction was flawless and filled with discreet detail.

Miu Miu's Fall collection definitely has that understated elegance that we saw so much in the 40's.

The 40's peplum and hip-wrap detail is a common theme throughout this collection. I find this very flattering and unique. It creates a really nice hour glass shape.

The silhouettes, although boxy and stiff, still maintain a great deal of elegance and femininity, which I love.

The triangle silhouette (large shoulders with a narrow waist) was exaggerated just enough to give it a modern twist. I think it was done really beautifully. Kudos, Miu Miu.


Donna Karan

Donna Karan's collection is not only one of my favorite 40's-influenced collections, but one of my favorites overall. It is so elegant and simple. I honestly like how the whole collection is monochromatic. An almost all gray collection could have been terribly drab. But it instead turned out ethereally elegant and luxurious.

I feel like this first look really epitomizes the whole collection beautifully. It's beautiful, elegant, classy and simple. I would love to wear any of the pieces in the collection.

Absolutely love this coat. Again, it might seem plain and simple, but the construction is beautiful.

Notice the similar simple A-line silhouette?

Sorry, PETA, but I am a sucker for fur. I just love it. It think it really ties this collection together and gives it that extra hint of luxury without being too over the top.

There are some great modern interpretations of the 40's suit.

All of the dresses in this collection are teeming with that classic, refined sexiness.

These dresses prove that you CAN be sexy without exposing the majority of your body. The fit of these dresses are impeccable. And they leave just enough to the imagination, like a true lady should :)

Ah, the classic trench. How can you go wrong? You can't.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs put a delightfully playful twist on the 40's, placing vibrant patterns on the classic silhouettes of the era.

I absolutely love this neck line. I love the use of the chiffon on the neck area. Very sexy while still being refined.

I loved his many variations of the classic 40's suit.

Peplums are seen quite frequently in this collection as well, although much more exaggerated than in the others. I just love the shape this creates.

Marc Jacobs featured high necks throughout the collection. This was a common feature on early 40's dresses.


Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs put his modern 40's twist on Louis Vuitton's collection as well, managing to slip in his usual fetish and sexual innuendo references. Oh, Marc. It's why we love you so.


I have really been loving the 40's inspired editorials that I've seen in fashion magazines around the world. It's really inspiring me to do a 40's inspired shoot of my own. Hm...yes. The brain juices are flowing.

This first editorial is from Vogue Australia. I absolutely love this model's hair. It's 40's without being blatantly 40's.

I love the setting and how this whole spread was styled. Really classic and elegant.


This next shoot is from Bazaar Australia (those Aussies really did a stellar job)

There is so much romance in this shoot. Ah, to be in love in the 40's. So tragically romantic. This shoot is more authentic 40's, but has subtle modern elements that tie in perfectly.

I just have to say, I love how manly this man is. I like it when I know a man could fix things and isn't afraid to get dirty. THAT is sexy. They don't make 'em like that anymore.


This fedora-like hat is really great. The thing I realized about the 40's is that it is really the perfect balance of masculinity and femininity. It is delicate and strong at the same time.

LOVE the placement of the beret! So classy.

One of my favorite things EVER is socks with heels. I love how that was incorporated in to this shoot.

This Burberry jacket has my heart on silver platter. Stunning.

Shes are fantastic.

Such a beautiful shot.


After going through all these shoots and editorials, I went in to full on 40's mode. I have been brainstorming shoot ideas, site scouting and shopping for pieces since then.

There is a gorgeous old restaurant in Old Sacramento that I think would be perfect for a few interior shots.

I'd also love to find someone with a 40's car we could use for a few shots, too.

But while I was walking through Old Sacramento, I hit the mother load. Old Sacramento has an old train museum there that is really incredible. It has some really gorgeous old trains. But it also has one that is still running! And it takes people on tours every weekend. The inside is really beautiful, with leaded glass windows and beautiful wood paneling. As I walked around inside, I just kept envisioning all the beautiful shots I could get in there.

Being on the train reminded me of this stunning shoot in Vogue. It isn't 40's, but it definitely has that golden age Hollywood glam factor to it.

This is seriously one of my favorite photos from a fashion editorial ever. Absolutely breathtaking.

I am going full steam ahead on this 40's shoot now. Can't wait! I think we are going to get some really wonderful shots.

Stay tuned!

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