Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Red Carpet

Well, the red carpet that we've all been waiting for finally came!! The 2011 Oscars came and went, leaving me in a red carpet fashion whirlwind. I didn't actually get to watch the Oscars (which maybe was a good thing, considering all the bad things I heard about it), but you best believe I was all over the gowns on the red carpet.

Mila Kunis was hands down my favorite of the night. I mean in Elie Saab, it's kind of impossible to look bad. This dress was one of my favorites from his Spring couture collection and it looks fabulous on Mila. She styled it perfectly and just looked stunning.

Hilary Swank rocked this beaded/feathered Gucci gown. I LOVED this.

The Best Actress winner looked gorgeous in this purple Rodarte gown. So simple. So fabulous.

Nicole Kidman wore a stunning white Dior haute couture gown and Gweneth wore a sleek, shimmery Calvin Klein gown. I love how effortless Gweneth looks. She is always so simple and clean, but always stunning.

I loved Sandra Bullock's Vera Wang gown. This red looks fabulous on her.

The adorable Hailee Steinfeld looked DARLING in this custom Marchesa princess cocktail gown. I loved the length on her, the color, the silhouette, everything. I think it was perfect for the young starlet.

Halle Berry was dazzling in this golden Marchesa gown.

The ever classy Helen Miren was positively stunning in this Vivienne Westwood gown. I love that she stayed true to her English heritage by wearing Westwood.

This dress was getting a lot of mixed reviews. But I LOVED this dress, along with all the others, in Givenchy's Spring collection and I only loved it more on Kate. Kate is a fashion dare devil. And if anyone could pull this very unique gown off, it's her.

Ann opted for a beautiful vintage Valentino gown (how could you go wrong?) and posed with my fashion idol on the red carpet.

Mandy Moore sparkled in this Monique Lhullier gown. I LOVE this dress. It is sexy and enchanting and alluring and magical. It seriously looks like pixies just sprinkled pixie dust onto her body and it just happened to cover her just so.

Reese Witherspoon was fabulously mod in this Georgio Armani gown.

Michelle Williams, staying true to her vintage roots, wore this beaded column gown by Chanel. I thought it looked great on her, especially with her haircut.

Amy Adams also wore a column dress. I liked this cobalt blue L'Wren Scott gown, but I wasn't amazed by it. I kind of wished Amy would have worn more of a show stopper. But this one was pretty good. Blue always looks fabulous on her.

I am still not sure how I feel about Scarlett's gown...I like the silhouette. The color Sometimes I like it, sometimes I want to avert my eyes as quickly as possible. I think the thing I don't like is the print on the fabric. It looks like daisies. Daisies and lace don't mix. Daisies aren't sexy. I think if it was a different pattern, with a different color, this dress could be fabulous.

Now on to the rest of Anne's many looks. This metallic/futuristic Armani Prive couture gown was AWESOME. I loved this dress on the runway and I love it here on Anne. I really want to know what fabric it is because it's seriously insanely cool.

This Valentino gown was stunning. The woven details on the bodice are beautiful.

Anne went modtacular in this 70's inspired Oscar de la Renta gown that I LOVED. All I had to hear was "fringe" and I loved it. It was all over once she shook that beaded fringe around.

This corseted, black Vivienne Westwood gown was a nice contrast to the other dresses.

This Givenchy gown was so classy. I loved all the bodice detailing on it.

This Tom Ford gown was my least favorite, but I still like it. It's very old school Hollywood to me.

Picture of the Day

Crystal Castles - Not In Love ft. Robert Smith

Robert Smith and Crystal Castles? TOGETHER? Yeah. This is what resulted. Amazingness.

smith westerns - weekend

Love this song. So fun. Makes me want summer here sooo badly.

Rain drops and polka dots

My fellow blogger Juniper James had a polka dot week and this is the picture I took in celebration of lovely polka dots. You can't really see that well, but my rainboots are pink with white polka dots. I got them at Target for like 30 bucks in the little girls section (yes, my feet are that small). I love them because it's usually all dreary and wet when I wear them, but then I look down and they are so adorable and happy and pink! I just can't help feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grammy Gowns

I know it's a little after the fact, but I wanted to list my favorite gowns from the Grammys.

My favorite gown of the night was definitely this Julien Macdonald gown that Heidi Klum wore. It is SO gorgeous. Even if it wasn't amazingly golden and dazzling, the silhouette is amazing.

I LOVE the back view. The peep shoulder and the way the ruffle comes around the back and the opening at the lower back. MUAH! Perfection.

Metallic was WAY in, with many lovely ladies opting for glimmering gowns. This shimmering J Mendel gown is gorgeous. Simple, but stunning.

I thought this Reem Acra dress was beautiful. It reminds me of a modern, metallic Grecian dress.

I loved Jada's silver dress. All the delicate silver chains reminded me of wet spider webs. It is an incredibly sexy dress.

As much as I detest KK, her taste is pretty flawless and she knows how to cloth her incomprehensibly curvaceous bod. This Kaufman Franco gown is really beautiful.

This discoballesque Emilio Pucci gown is ROCKIN'. It totally has a 60's mod feel to it while still feeling totally modern. And can we also just marvel in her INCREDIBLE studded Christian Louboutin heels? They are unbelievable. The thing I love about them is that the red heels blend in with the red carpet and make J Lo literally look like she is floating on silvery pieces of heaven.

Lea looked beautiful in this ruffled, black Emilio Pucci gown.

Jennifer Hudson dressed her hot new bod in this very sexy navy, Versace dress. High five and congrats on shedding all that weight, girl!

My love, Florence Welch, wore this amazing haute couture Givenchy gown. I thought it was a perfect match for her.

I really loved this Christian Dior haute couture dress that Rhianna wore for her performance with Eminem.

For any other occasion, this very fluffy, very revealing Jean Paul Gaultier gown would have totally inappropriate. But for the Grammys, with all their theatrics and drama, it somehow worked. I thought it was really cool and Rhianna definitely rocked it. Although, I'm not digging her hair as of late.

Man, Emilio Pucci was all over the red carpet at the Grammys. This gown that Ciara wore had a kind of tribal princess feel to it that I really loved.

And last but not least, Nicole looked beautiful in this floral, ruffled Jean Paul Gaultier gown.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Whip My Hair

Lanvin's Spring collection is definitely one of my favorites this season. And their ad campaign is equally impressive. I think it's marvelous. It is SO dramatic--almost ridiculously so. But it mimics the drama and emotion in the collection.

Love Love Love

Picture of the Day

I am so obsessed with this Miu Miu dress that it's not even funny.

That 70's Girl

I am definitely not a huge fan of Vanessa Hudgens at all. However, I AM a ginormous fan of 70's fashion icon Bianca Jagger. Although I do not consider Vanessa worthy enough in the least to be posing as Bianca, I must say that she did a pretty good job.

In case you are living under a rock or in a convent, 70's are IN. That's all that has been being screamed in my face by magazines and blogs lately. And nobody embodied 70's style better than the gorgeous Bianca Jagger.

Where to start with Bianca? First wife of Mick Jagger, muse for Halston, fashion icon, good friend of Andy Warhol, iconic 70's party girl, and then some. Bianca truly defined the 70's better than anyone else.

I LOVED the styling in this shoot, how it was shot--everything. I really haven't been thrilled about the 70's being all the rage now, but this shoot has really made me excited about it and given me ideas of how to rock it in my own way. Ku-freakin'-dos, Instyle. And Vanessa...I guess you get a good job, too.

I featured some of Bianca's iconic pictures that inspired the ones taken by Vanessa. You can really see how close some of the looks are to one another.

Not usually a big fan of Calvin Klein, but this look is SO sexy.

These pictures make me so happy to be a part of the itty bitty titty committee! Only those more sparingly endowed can rock these, loose, flowy, deep cut pieces.

What a pimp suit by Marc Jacobs. This is straight up disco fever, but I love it.

Besides making the jumpsuit an iconic symbol for the 70's, Bianca also revolutionized women's fashion by wearing androgynous looks like this suit.

Although famous for many things, one of the many things was when she rode into Studio 54 on her 30th birthday on a white horse led by a naked man. Now THAT is an entrance.

Bianca rocked/shocked the fashion world when she wore this revealing YSL suit on her wedding day. That was totally unheard of then. But she was a fashion daredevil. I think she looked fabulous.

Ah, those cheek bones. If only...

DVF is all up in 70's this spring and she was not trying to be subtle about it. This hooded maxi dress is fantastic. It's futuristic while still maintaining traces of its 70's roots.

See the resemblance? I love this hooded Halston gown.

NBD. Just chattin' it up with ANDY WARHOL.

Love this Gucci jumpsuit.

Seriously, only Bianca can rock a turban like this. I'm pretty, positive, that if I tried rocking a turban, it would be a fail of epic proportions. She just looks so exotic! I cannot get over how fabulous she was.

These two pictures, to me, show how timeless and classy Bianca's style was. This picture is from the late 70's and yet it looks like it could be from last week at some hot club! I also love how effortless Bianca's style looked. Her "dressed up" looks always had a sort of "Oh, I just threw it on before I ran out the door" feel to them, and yet they always looked so fabulous! That is truly an art. She also never wore much makeup. With a face like that, you don't need it.

KILLER Halston gown that also looks like it could have been from a Spring 2011 collection. Such a classic gown.