Friday, February 4, 2011


I LOVE Mulberry's Spring ad campaign. It makes me want Spring to be here so badly!! When I saw the plethora of hydrangeas (one of my favorite flowers), it was pretty much all over.

Then I saw this. Yep. That is a piglet. That is an adorable, pink, squishy, oinky piglet. THEN it was all over.

I love how they used garden supplies like a ladder and a wheelbarrow in such a dainty room. The lighting is really gorgeous, too. It's like an early Spring morning. And there's the piglet again!!! Sorry, I just cannot get over its cuteness.

I also love all the soft, pastel colors in the collection. The blue and the pink are magnifique and the flowers compliment them beautifully.

Bravo, Mulberry, on a totally rockin' Spring collection. You have me obsessed now.

Ahhh I want! Those chain purses are adorable!

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