Saturday, February 19, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Last weekend was AWESOME. In the morning I went to a MASSIVE (and by massive, I'm talkin' like blocks of stuff) antique expo and then headed over to the car expo in the afternoon. It was a total blasty. I took lots of pictures of some of my favorite things I saw that day.

This clutch was so boss. It was gold mesh and had a cool pointy metal piece at the clasp. Adorable. I saw a LOT of purses/clutches at the expo that I loved. Unfortunately not a lot of clothes. Also unfortunately I had/have no money. Annnnddd everybody do the sad face. Yep, I know. It's tragic. Feel free to donate to the Skylar Mundy foundation any time. All proceeds go to a destitute, blond pixie child who is pitifully down and out at the moment. Please and thanks yous.

I really liked this vase a lot. It reminded me of a vintage Christian Dior dress I saw a while ago and I got inspired for a dress design when I saw it. Also note the other rockin' silver mesh clutch to the right.

HOLY. $%@$. I know. There is such an insanely inordinate amount of jewelry at these things that I don't even know what to do with myself. Steal it all? Jump into it and make jewelry angels by flailing my limbs about? Run around in circles screaming like a banshee? I finally settled on just going through it for hours on end. Seemed like the least psycho thing to do.

I thought this bracelet was really cool. Cool design.

I love love love hand tooled leather purses. Usually you see a ton of them, but this was the only one I saw.

Adoooooorable baby blue hand bag!


I am pretty much obsessed with anything Asian. I love Asian art, furniture, architecture, food, you name it. I found like an ALL Asian stand and was in Asian heaven. I love the glass plant in the middle. They can be kind of tacky, but the nice ones look really gorgeous.

There's always a ton of fur at these things, too. And usually in great condition for reasonable prices. I don't technically NEED a fur coat...but "need" is such an ambiguous word....I will inevitably end up convincing myself to buy one once I have enough money. By that time it'll probably be summer, though....Well, looks like I'll be roasting alive most stylishly in ma fur coat, baby.

I see these retro beaded purses all the time and I love them! I really like the twisted handle on this one.

This was by far my favorite purse I found that day...maybe even my favorite thing I found. I seriously looked at it for SO long. The person at the stand was kind of pissed that after all that I didn't buy it. But believe me, I really wanted it. It was SO flippin cool. It was tiny, but all the more awesome because of it's petite status. It's just legit. I love that it's a hard shell and I love the metal clasp and details on the point. Ahh seriously, it's amazing. Whoever bought it, you're a lucky lady.
These crocheted purses are totally boss. But I see them in Goodwill all the time. Sorry, but I'm not paying 30 bucks for something I can get at Goodwill for 10. Thanks, though.

I love looking at all the little nick nacks like these boxes.

Adorable 50's cocktail dress. Ah j'adore.

This was definitely my favorite vintage find of the day. It's a vintage, 50's evening gown. It's black velvet with hand beaded panels across the front and back.

I absolutely love the back. It's classy and sexy at the same time. I obviously couldn't try it on, but I thought that it would probably fit me....that was before I realized that all women in the 50's had waistlines the size of tooth picks. Even if the waist DID fit, I would need to get shin implants for the length of the dress to fit :/ Alas...We were not destined to be together.

This is a stunning party dress circa 1960. The color is AMAZING.

And yep. That's a chiffon cape. BOOYAH. If I was a super hero, this would be my costume. And my super power would be being the most amazing fashionista in the universe and spreading vintage fashion love to everybody!!

Hi. Can I please have this living room set so that every time I walk in the room, I'm teleported to the 60's? Thank youuuuu.


I love this foyer chair.

I really wish I had an old sewing machine table like this. I want to get one one day (one that actually works) and use it all the time.

Just a few days before I went to this expo, I saw an article about how the Doctor's bag style is like to new rage. Well, I'm going to get an ORIGINAL doctor's bag and rock it like nobody's business.

I love lamp.

What is it about old cameras that fascinate me so? I'm not sure. Maybe it's knowing all the amazing pictures that they took so many years ago and all the stories they could tell if they talked. Whatever it is, I adore them.

This always cracks me up. "After you buy your antique Persian rug, feel free to look at our tacky Santa and clear stripper heels!" hahha

I LOVE this picture. God, it's just insane! I mean think about how dangerous that was. One minute you're eating your turkey sandwich, and the next you're a sidewalk pancake. Makes you realize how different times were back then.

Cool old marching band hat! I wonder if it was still lame to be in the marching band back then....

Cute little 60's mini dress.

I usually abhor orange. But with this, I really like it. The pattern was adorable.

This silk, brocade suit was amazing. Reminded me of Jackie O.

JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!! I found the motherload of vintage garb. A whole bin full of fashion from as far back as the late 1800s and up through the 40's. I'm always SO inspired when I look through them.

My other random obsession besides old cameras is bird cages. I LOVE them. I seriously like want a room just full of antique bird cages.

Gorgeous silver purse pendant.

This lady was so cool. She finds antique lamps and then pimps them out with beads. This was my favorite. All of them were so gorgeous.

Beautiful rose quartz necklace.


By far my best find of the day. Words can't even begin to describe how fabulous this is. I would wear this every second of every day for the rest of my life...this is sarcasm in case you didn't catch it.

Ok, first, this is fabulous. Second, this TOTALLY looks like it just walked off Oscar de la Renta's runway!! It made me realize just how strong the 50's and early 60's have come back in fashion today.

I found a huge book of old prints from the early 1900's. They were so fun to go through. All of them were gorgeous. It's so amazing thinking like how much effort and artistic create went into making even just the cover of some sheet music. I wish it was still that way...

This was one of my favorites because it's so simple and unrefined, yet so polished. It's really beautiful.

Alright, now to the car expo. The first room we went into actually had a bunch of custom bikes a mini cars. This was my favorite set of bikes. It's like a mama and a baby bike! They're a set of vintage Schwinns, restored to PERFECTION. Muuuah!

Yep. That is a baby hot rod. That is pink. That has pearl flames. I pretty much just exploded inside when I saw this. I wanted to shrink myself so I could make it my main mode of transportation and look like a mini BAMF all the time!!

Oh my...lordy lord. Some people think it's weird that I (a girl) am really into cars and hot rods. But the thing is, vintage cars and hot rods are all works of art. And the other thing is that cars, furniture, art and interior design ALL influence and relate to the fashion of the time. So it's always fascinating for me to see how they all relate to each other.

But just seeing how much time, effort and money people put into these cars is unbelievable. Some are...a bit over the top for me. But something as classy as this candy apple red '40 Ford just rev my heart up like a V8 humor. Forgive me.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a lot of good pictures of whole cars because it was so packed, but I got some good shots of details that I really like. I thought the side vents on this were really cool.

A 1956 Corvette. Definitely one of my all time favorite cars. It is seriously so unbelievably sexy I can't even comprehend it.

I LOVE the grill on this one. I also love checking out the hood ornaments on the older cars because some of them are really incredible. They really are like hood art.

Ah, this one was amazing. I love how part of the quarter panel is attached to the door and I love the chrome strips on it. This car was so immaculate. I really loved the color, too. I thought it looked really classy.

Well, that concludes my day on antiquing and hot rod...ding? It was quite a day, I must say. I was so inspired afterwards. It's always super fun to take a trip back in time, too.


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