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With fashion's drastic turn to the 50's and 60's this past Fall, it was really no surprise when we started seeing cat eye glasses appearing on the runway.

Although some designers were using the cat eye frame earlier on, it seemed that Prada was the one who pretty much kicked it of when they featured these bad boys in their Fall 2010 collection.

Now this Spring we are REALLY seeing the ripple effect, with almost every designer, it seems, adopting some form of the cat eye frames for their Spring/Summer eye wear. Dior went all South Pacific/50's with these retro cat eye shades. I thought they complimented the rest of the collection perfectly.

These Tom Ford sunglasses are OUT. OF. CONTROL.

These Tom Ford glasses from his Spring 2010 collection are probably my favorite. I just love how clean they look.

Ah, Tom...never one to shy away from a little skin bearing, that's for sure. These are a little more subtle cat a nerdy cat eye. But I still like them a lot.

These retro sunglasses from Giles Deacon's Spring 2011 show are pretty much an exact replica of the vintage shades in the pic above. Love these.

I LOVED these Jeremy Scott sunglasses. They remind me of the retro airline logos of the 40's and 50's. SO cool.

I really really love these Fairfax glasses that Anne Hathaway owns. They are a very subtle cat eye, but it's still there. It still has that little meow of flare. I love how oversized they are.

I like that these Paul Smith glasses are a little rounded. So you get the cat eye while still having that modern feel.

Alexander McQueen

Absolutely adore these rounded cat eye glasses by Michael Kors.

Michael Kors

Celine created almost a cat eye Ray-Ban that I love.

And of course anything Betsey Johnson makes is adorable.

As you can see, whether it's a slight trace or a straight up duplicate, cat eyes are back and as fabulous as ever. And I couldn't be more ecstatic. I literally feel like meowing right now...but I will refrain.

Who doesn't know this picture? Honestly. One of my all time favorite movies. What people don't know is that after this movie came out, this style of frame became SO popular, thanks to Audrey. I have YEARNED unwaveringly for a pair of sunglasses like these since I first saw Breakfast at Tiffany's.

And get them I did :) I scored my first pair of cat eye sunglasses this past fall. Seriously, these babies are like my child. I have never loved an accessory as much as I love these. And this love came for a reasonable price! Only 16 bucks from Urban! And my left kidney!...just kidding about the kidney.

I seriously do feel like Holly Go Lightly when I wear these, so I was VERY excited when I was able to pay homage to Audrey in this photo :)

The thing I love so much about these is that they look good on EVERYONE. No joke. There is really no way for these to look bad on someone because they are just such an elegant, flattering frame style. I think I have a kind of boring face. But when I wear these, I feel like a model straight out of the 50's. It gives the illusion that you have some incredibly sexy, unique face. And if you really DO have an incredibly sexy, unique face...well, you will be pretty much out of control sexy in these.

The other thing that is great about them is that they are retro, but still very modern. The fact that they are a bit over sized makes them more modern and makes you able to wear them with virtually anything. They are just perfect in every way imaginable.

(Gotta give props for both of these pictures up top to my good friend and amazing photographer Marcus Meisler. Love you, boo.)

But getting the cat eye sunglasses wasn't enough for me. I needed the cat eye (or horn rimmed--whatever you want to call them) regular glasses too. My inspiration was this picture of Marilyn Monroe. I wanted those EXACT glasses. I wanted clear frames on the bottom with metal on the top.

And what did I get?? A pretty damn close match! I cannot convey how insanely awesome these glasses are. The arms are all etched metal as well as the tops of the frames. They fit me LIKE A GLOVE. They are perfect. They just need a screw in one of the arms and I kind of need to get non prescription lenses in them because I can't wear them for more than like 20 minutes without getting an intense feeling of spinning vertigo.

I got these at an antique store in Portland for 20 bucks in December. Since they are actually vintage and from the 50's, it's been kind of hard mixing it with more modern pieces that I have, but I have found a lot of outfits that it does work with.

Again, with these frames, I do find they look good on pretty much everyone. It really gives the illusion of bigger and more cat like eyes. And come on, when is that NOT sexy?

Now, since most of us (definitely me) don't have a couple Benjis chillin' in our wallets, waiting to be spent on designer shades, here are some great cat eye sunglasses that are all under 100 bucks! But really, I've been finding them almost everywhere now. I recommend finding a pair that works for you and rocking it! Because I do strongly feel that this is one trend that everyone can rock if they so choose.






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  1. I could've sworn I commented on this...I love how witty and clever your post titles are on top of your already fabulous topics.

    This is such a representation of you in every which way and where. When I see or think cat eye, you come to mind. :{)