Monday, March 14, 2011

Shoe, Fly

The other day, I was promenading through the wondrous land of designer shoes (to most it is known as Nordstroms. But to me, it is called Narnia. Because every time I go there, my mind is transported to the most mystical, magical shoe land ever conceived) and I stumbled upon these heels by Jessica Simpson:

"Those are cute," I thought. "Wait a minute...why do these look so familiar?"

"Oh...that's why." I had them already! Except I got these shoes at a Salvation Army in my home town for 5 bucks. Wanna know how much those Jessica Simpsons were? $60.00!

I know my shoes aren't EXACTLY the same as the Jessica Simpson ones, but come on. They are ridiculously close. They are a TOTAL 80's throwback. I was really shocked when I saw them because when I bought mine, I thought they were pretty ugly (but in a really fabulous way). I didn't think that any designer would try to bring that style back. But really, the only difference between mine and the Jessica Simpsons is that the heel on mine is a little thicker.

I was so overjoyed when I made this discovery. I felt like I had achieved some sort of victory against the army of overpriced designer shoes (go me!).

Urban Outfitters has a shoe with a similar style to mine also:

The starting price for these was around $45.00. These are a bit different because of the rounded toe, but they still have that 80's feel to them.

Now, I'm not saying you can't or shouldn't buy either pair of these shoes. They're your feet and it's your wallet. But personally, the joy of buying vintage is twofold for me:

1. You would save, what? Around 50 bucks by buying vintage instead of designer.
2. You will look like way more of a badass because you'll be wearing one of a kind shoes! :D

So, what have we learned? You CAN get the "in" or "trendy" looks without having to sell your right kidney on the black market, and you can even do it better by putting your unique spin on it!

Shop smart, my loves. Be chic, be unique.

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  1. Up top, I love bargain shopping and chuckling away to myself when I see a designer product identical to what I bought with a heftier price tag!