Saturday, March 5, 2011

Have You Heard?

Devotchka's new album 100 Other Lovers? If not, go do your ears a ginormous favor and go listen to it right meow. It is AMAZING. Devotchka's use of strings always floors me. It really transports you to a whole other universe when you're listening to it. I am currently obsessed with the title track. The video is awesome, too. It is my favorite track off the album.

Some of my other favorites are: "The Common Good", "The Man From San Sebastian", "Exhaustible"and "Alley". The last couple tracks on the album have a very Latin, zesty flare to them, which is awesome.

The Head and the Heart's self titled album is refreshingly pure. It is just raw talent. Voices and instruments. Every track just makes me smile and relax. "Cats and Dogs" is my favorite track from the album. "Lost In My Mind", "Ghosts", "Honey Come Home" are great too. Some more somber, sorrowful ballads that are beautiful are: "Winter Song" and "Rivers and Roads".

Lykke Li's new album Wounded Rhymes. If you're looking for a peppy, carefree sequel to Youth Novels, this definitely isn't it. Haunting is the one word I would use to describe it. Hauntingly beautiful. This album is overflowing with emotion and it seems to pump through you when you listen to it. Even it's more upbeat tracks like "Get Some", "Youth Knows No Pain", "Jerome" and "I Follow Rivers" have a somber, haunting undertone to them.

"I Follow Rivers" is probably my favorite track. I thought it was a love song up until I saw the music video. I've watched it over and over trying to figure out what it is a metaphor for. I feel that it is a metaphor for regret. The man who's running in the video is running from something in his past that he did (maybe he hurt Lykke Li? Maybe he cheated on her or left her). But Lykke Li is representing that regret and saying that regret will always follow him. In the end, she kisses him and I thought that meant that she forgave him. Then you see her almost menacing final glance at the camera and you realize that she hasn't forgiven him at all. It then seems more like a kiss of death. It's a great video.

The slower songs like "I Know Places", "Sadness is a Blessing" and "Love Out of Lust" really pull on my heart strings. It's a wonderful album all in all and I absolutely recommend it.

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  1. You make my soul fly and do a little gig with the stars. You're like my own remarkable reminder of astounding, ubbertastic music. Just thought I'd let you know how important you are to my never-ending music craved ears.