Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pop Goes My Heart

Any picture of Twiggy immediately demands my full attention. So when I saw this in Nylon, I was instantly engrossed. Even MORE so when I discovered that this supposed "painting" is really made out of gum. Yes. GUM. Wrigleys, Bubbalicious, Juicyfruit, Trident, GUM. I thought it was a joke at first. I mean it's incomprehensible to me!

But Jason Kronenwald, the Tronoto artist responsible for these unique creations, is totally legit. Using only chewing gum and plywood, Jason "paints" iconic blond women for his "Gum Blonde" collection. There is no paint or dye used. All the color mixing takes place in the mouths of his team of dedicated masticators.

These two of Twiggy and Marilyn Monroe are my favorite. Seriously, I would dish out some major dough for both of these. But he has done many other famous blondes such as:

Bridget Bardot

Jessica Simpson

Avril Lavigne

Hilary Clinton

Paris and Britney


And I wasn't sure who the two girls on the left were...I think the top left is Sarah Michelle Gellar. Top right is Debbie Harry, I believe, and bottom right is Avril again.

When asked why he chose to portray famous blondes, Kronenwald said, "These portraits are a commentary on how we consume these celebrities like candy. They affect us immensely because our appetite for news about them is always growing."

I think this is a brilliant, innovative and unique take on pop art. I love his message, I love his style and I have MAD respect for him as an artist (not to mention the fact that he is handling ABC, saliva-covered gum for the majority of his time. Now that's a dedicated artist right there.)

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