Monday, March 14, 2011


VERY exciting news. Death Cab's seventh album (Codes and Keys) is set to drop on May 31st!! :D I am so unfreakingbelievably excited, it's insane.

Codes And Keys (Gibbard Solo, Live in SF) by

This ^^ is a live version of the title track "Codes and Keys". I absolutely love it. It is really raw, just Ben and a piano, which is probably very different than what the actual studio version will sound like. But I'm sure I'll love both.

This next track is also a live version. It's called "When The Sun Goes Down On Your Street." Ben said that it is a solo song he wrote for Russel Brand's new movie "Arthur" and isn't going to be on Codes and Keys. It's much less somber than "Codes and Keys". It reminds me of slow, warm summer days where you don't really care about anything other than just feeling alive.

When The Sun Goes Down On Your Street (Gibbard Solo, Live in SF) by


  1. I love Death Cab. I wrote into a radio station a few years back on why I should win tickets to their show in Sacramento and see the sound check before hand... I WON! It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. Very excited for the new album!
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  2. Oh my god that is so awesome!! I'm so jealous!! I want to see Ben so badly in concert.

    I'm following your blog now! :D

  3. Crazy! Thanks for posting this. I love it!

  4. Oh wow, I'm signed in as the Waffle Boycott. This is Colin Orthmann. How's it going! Talk to you later.