Saturday, March 12, 2011


The Spring Vogue this month had some great spreads in it. But this one really caught my eye:

Seems like all we're hearing about for fashion this Spring is 70's. And we usually just think of high wasted jeans, platform shoes, big hats, suits, bell bottoms, etc. But we forget about another major fashion trend of the 70's: PUNK. Punk really has its roots in the 70's when bands like the Sex Pistols presented a completely new fashion genre.

I wouldn't say that punk is necessarily "having a come back" because it's kind of always around, you know? And really, it's only a few designers like Burberry and Balmain who are making things that are pretty blatantly punk influenced. But I still love how the pieces from other designer's spring collections were styled with other punk elements to make them have that punk feel to them.

Love this studded Burberry leather vest

LOVELOVELOVE this Balmain studded/safety pinned leather jacket.

I loved how these chunky boots clash with these classic suits.

This hole-ridden Chanel suit is kind of the antithesis of the typical Chanel suit. It's Chanel with a shot of punk.

Ah I adore this picture.

So after I saw this spread, I kind of went punk crazy, specifically for anything with studs. I really like that look right now. I just really like seeing women as such tough, badass chicks instead of all dolled up, dainty women. It's really refreshing. It's a different take on androgyny.

Balmain's Spring collection is ALL leather, studs, rips and holes.

I adore this leather biker jacket by Burberry. Rachel Bilson looked so adorable when she paired the tough jacket with her delicate, chiffon dress (also by Burberry).

This Phillip Lim leather jacket is BOSS. I love the ruffles on the bottom. It's a perfect mix of feminine ruffles and fierce punk rocker.

Ah...Je t'aime. This studded Burberry trench has stolen my heart.

Here is the always adorable and chic Emma Watson (the face of Burberry) rocking it out on the town with a studded tote to match.

This is another amazing studded leather jacket from Burberry's collection. I love the lapel on this one and the belt tie.

I LOVE all these studded heels by Christian Louboutin:

These shoes are like everything punk, jammed into one pair of shoe. I'm literally on punknificence right now. And not only do these just serve as shoes, they are also a deadly weapon! :D

Equally amazing/perilous
These are a little more subtle, but still very fierce.
STUDDED BOWS. Enough said.

These shoes are out of control. They look like you're walking on pieces of broken mirror. And even though they obviously make you taller by the fact that they are gigantic platforms, they make you look even TALLER by reflecting the color of the floor you're on! So you look like you're hovering off the ground! Straight up David Blaine.

I loved the sleek, subtle studded details in Valentino's purses for their Spring collection.

I love the shape, size and style of this Burberry studded purse.

Too cute!! Burberry again.

Adorable studded Rebecca Minkoff clutch.

Super cute studded Phillip Lim purse.

These are some images that have been inspiring me/feeding the flame to my punk obsession:

Sid and Nancy, the infamous punk rock couple.

The gorgeous Debbie Harry.

Gorgeous photo shoot with Diane Kruger from Glamour.

Bender from The Breakfast Club Muah!

I can't wait to get some punk inspired clothes like a leather jacket and something studded. I'm just feeling the need to be sPUNKy.


  1. While flipping through that Vogue spread, I kept thinking "JOAN JETT JOAN JETT JOAN JETT ZOMG JOAN JETT EVERYWHEREEEE"
    And I love that Burberry jacket. I just can't imagine anyone wanting a hug while you're wearing it... I guess it's a creep repellant. :3 I want.