Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sheer Genius

I am HEAD OVER HEELS for this dress that I just got from Cuffs in Midtown (Please excuse the terrible quality of these photos, btw). I had a birthday party to go to last Friday so I wanted a nice new dress to wear (but really, when do I not want a nice new dress to wear? That was just a brilliantly convenient excuse to procure one :D )

It was $54.00, which is a little more than I like to spend. But here was my logic behind buying it:

A. It's really technically three dresses in one. You can wear it with both sleeves ^

With a mono sleeve (which is what I like best...probably because I'm a little off kilter myself)

Or strapless! It looks fabulous any way!

I didn't post any pictures of the back because I discovered while looking through these pictures that this dress in MAJORLY see through and you could totally see my knickers! :O Good thing I discovered that now rather than later hahaha

You can easily dress it up with some accessories.

Beaded clutch: $10.00 Goodwill
Pearl bracelet: $5.00 Antique Store
Earrings: $7.00 Bows and Arrows Vintage

But then boom! Let your hair down, throw on a cute belt, a pair of funky shoes, a leather purse and some shades and you're in adorable casual mode! This is like the perfect Summer outfit for a nice lunch...or if you're just feeling the need to be fabulous :), which is all the time for moi.

Sunglasses: $14.00 Urban
Belt: $5.00 Goodwill
Hand-tooled leather purse: Not sure on the price. Twas a Christmas present.
Shoes: ....130.00 Boutique in SF (These are like my biggest shoe splurge ever. But they are SO worth it to me. I wear them all the time and they are my favorite shoes I own)

So you see, this dress is not only 3 in 1, but I can easily dress it up or down. So I knew it was a very good investment.

Remember to keep in mind when you're buying pieces HOW you can wear them. Its always a major bonus when you can dress it up and dress it down.

Shop smart, lovelies! :)

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