Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sneakin' Around

One thing I NEVER thought that I would ever wear as a fashion statement are tennis shoes.

Those are for the gym and running and should only be worn with workout attire, right?


I recently had a sneaky (pun alert! :D ) epiphany while perusing a thrift store the other day. I found an old pair of white Reeboks with black writing on them and kind of just stood there holding them for a second. It was then that the fashion gods shined a light upon me and allowed me to see that tennis shoes CAN be fashionable.

After that, possible outfits that could go with the tennis shoes I held in my hands started rushing through my head. Basically, I was struck with the tennis shoe plague...in a good way.

Maybe it's the fact that Easter is nearing, or maybe it's that Spring is here and there are flowers popping up everywhere, or maybe it's my love of double rainbows--I don't know. Whatever it is, I am CRAZY for colorful Reeboks like zeez ^^

And these!! Talk about neon! :O

Now, I know what you're probably thinking.

"Ah, Skylar! These look like a unicorn threw up over grandma shoes from the 80's!"

And what I have to say to that is

A. If a unicorn threw up on ANYTHING, it would be amazing and the most fantastical thing to ever be.
B. I KNOW they kind of sort of basically look like grandma shoes from the 80's.

But you know what? Sometimes something is so ugly that it is fabulous. To me, "ugly" is a positive adjective. "Ugly" means "unique" to me. When something is ugly to me, it is so weirdly fabulous that I am instantly compelled to figure out some way to rock it and prove to everyone that it IS stylish.

These shoes are one of those things.

I have never ever been a tennis shoe person. Like when I saw women wearing tennis shoes out in public with jeans and other non-workout attire, I would think WHY??? I have always had a somewhat hostile view of them. I think maybe their name is part of the problem. They're called "tennis" shoes. Ok...I don't play tennis and never will. So why would I wear shoes for it? And sneakers? Really? It sounds like shoes that you wear when you're stalking someone.

In England they are called trainers. I think that's a way cooler name for them. Also easier to say.

But my days of despising trainers is over. This is largely in part to a French techno goddess named Yelle:

She has proven to me and everyone else in the fashion world that trainers are totally boss and can look insanely cool as long as you know how to dress them.

As you can see, Yelle is a total bad ass. Not only is her music AMAZING, so is her style.

She totally has a one of a kind style. She is girlie and sexy and sporty and comfortable all at the same time.

You hardly ever see her in anything other than one of her seemingly endless pairs of Reeboks.

And she rocks them EVERY time.

Here is further evidence of Yelle's amazingness. Notice her shoes :)

This is one of my favorite songs from her first album. SO fun to dance to. I love all the shoes in this video. And her sequins dress is to die for.

This is her most recent single (my current obsession). I also just need to point out how ABSOLUTELY killer her legs are. Ahh if only.

Maybe subconsciously I believe that if I rock some sweet Reeboks, I'll magically be able to dance like a bamf like Yelle...Hey, it could happen. Even if it doesn't, I'll still look super cool.

I think all these lovely ladies look awesome in their custom sneaks.

I think that maybe the whole trainer craze is mostly just in Europe...This is another Yelle song that features some sick dance moves and some sweet kicks...also a mullet.


Definitely feelin' the French...If all I have to do to look French is carry around a baguette while wearing a beret and Reeboks, I am half way there!

Muuuah!! How sweet these are!

So colorful!! Love these.

If Dippin' Dots made a shoe, this would be it.

There really are TONS of different colors and designs and styles to choose from.

It is totally not my style, but I am in a very weird style mood lately. If I can find a pair of cheap vintage Reeboks at a thrift store, I am definitely going to try my hand at rocking them and putting my own spin on them.


  1. Dude!!! My mom totally had the light yellow ones! I wish she still had them! (my mom is one of the most stylish and best-shoed people i know!)... and Yelle is totes amazing!!! Love this post!

  2. YES! Oh my sweet regurgitating unicorns! Are our brains linked like Avatar, except we both can be active and working our little tushes off instead of lying comatose in a tanning-like bed made of Dr. Scholls gel insoles?

    I actually have a pair of kicks (they're like high tops but the non-converse version. The gangsta type!) and they're a really cute floral design! I'll have to post a pic on fb or something.

    I'm digging this funky, unique trend you're going with!

  3. hoe do you buys these?