Monday, April 11, 2011


This Sunday was the second Sunday of the month. And you know what that means....ANTIQUE FAIR, BABY!!! :D

It was a gorgeous day with TONS of awesome little trinkets and nick knacks to looks at, as always.

These are the three treasures I purchased with my limit of $20.00:

This ADORABLE little red, polka dot summer dress. It comes fully equipped with pockets (a must for me) and its own adorable little sail boat :D

I don't really like it that much, as you can tell by my face...:)

This super cool gold belt is straight up pimpin. It's like what a Greek goddess would have worn in the 80's. I'll take one of those, thank you very much :) I'd been looking for cool metallic belts that I can wear with my all black attire that I have to wear for work to jazz it up a little. Mission freaking accomplished.

My last purchase of the day was this vintage boy scouts uniform. I'd been looking for a cool boy scouts uniform for a long time, but never found one that I really liked...until now. What I really like about this on is the fact that it doesn't have a bulky collar. I also really like the color.

I plan on wearing it all the time and performing random acts of kindness like helping grizzly bears across the street and protecting innocent campers from vicious old ladies....Ok, maybe I better leave that to the REAL boy scouts.

Nevertheless, this is a great shirt to wear when I just feel like being comfy and cool.

I love all the badges on it. It looks like he a a Patrol Leader! Fancy! And it also appears that he was an artiste!

Whoever this kid was, he seems like he was pretty awesome. And I am honored to wear his uniform now.


  1. As A boy scout myself, the badge with the Snake means that his patrol- all member wear them. The smaller circle badge with the paint brushes is the merit badge for "Art" Either way-- cool shirt

  2. great finds! i would totally go for all of those pieces! :-)


  4. AAAH! The boy scout shirt freakin rocks! I'm so happy you talked them down to something reasonable for it.

    And in other news: I'm envisioning needing to borrow that belt for something. Haven't figured out what yet, but I'll be needing it.

    Couldn't think of a better antiquing partner... This could become a thing.