Friday, April 15, 2011

Siamese Dream

I found this group of beauteous artistic creations while I was perusing an online image gallery and I thought I would share them.

This one is definitely my favorite. I could seriously look at it for hours. So mind blowing. I'm not sure on the medium...but I'm pretty sure it's pencil.

I love the color on this one. I also love the movement of her hair. The shading on her face is just enough to give hints of her features. It's so detailed, but so vague at the same time.

This TOTALLY makes me think of Summer. I feel warm and happy just looking at it haha.

I like how this one is slightly off balanced. It looks like the flowers are coming out of the street lamps. Pretty dope.

Ah I love this one two. The red and blue are so beautiful together. There is so much to enjoy about this piece. I find something new about it every time.

Gorgeous stuff right there. Thank goodness for the artists in this world.

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