Friday, April 29, 2011

"Just a psychotic girl and I won't get lost in your world."

Staying Afloat

I stumbled upon these pictures when I was searching for underwater photography. Nude photography usually is not my favorite style of photography. I just find that there is a VERY fine line between artistic and lurid and bawdy.

But I must say, these eerie, ethereal, haunting shots from Neil Craver really moved me. There is something really intriguing about how he captured all the possible emotions that can come from us being in water. The women in the pictures could be floating weightlessly in a peaceful bliss, or they could be drowning helpless. Craver captures this fine line beautifully.

I feel weightless and at peace when I look at these pictures, almost as if all my troubles have drifted away and I'm floating in reverie.

Cheated Hearts

The other day I overheard (OK, I was eavesdropping) on two lady's conversation in a coffee shop and one part caught my attention.

The first lady was talking about how she or her friend (I couldn't tell) had recently been cheated on (I guess for the second time). Her friend replied, "Well, you know what they say: Once a cheater, always a cheater."

And I thought, "What does that even mean?" I mean I have said that before, but at that moment, I realized that I didn't even really know what that meant.

Does it mean that once you have cheated on someone, you will always be branded as a "cheater" because of what you did? I mean, that's reasonable. It's not like you could go back an uncheat...unless you had some mystical Delorean that you could time travel in.

Or does it mean that once you've cheated, you will always be inclined to cheat again because your moral compass is somehow lessened by the fact that you've cheated? That is where I became stumped.

On some level, I say, yes, that makes sense. I've known girls who have been cheated on (well, I have been one of those girls) and then taken the guy back again. I'd said, "If he was able to do it then, he'll be able to do it again" (I probably should have been taking more of my own advice than giving it out, now that I'm looking back on it).

I do think there is a great deal of truth in what I said, though. I mean if a guy was able to justify cheating on a girl, he obviously doesn't really love her, right? I think in many cases, yes. There are some guys who are so filled with douche that they could cheat on their girlfriends without blinking an eye. But obviously, every circumstance and person is different.

We, obviously, are human. Humans are mammals. All mammals have...urges. Males seems to have WAY more of these urges than women do. And sometimes it does happen that their physical urges become so intense that they can prevent them from thinking logically (I call it using their little head instead of the one with brains).

In those cases, the guy might really love his girlfriend, but he just isn't a strong enough person to control his physical urges. Part of me wants to say, "Aw, I'm sorry" and just forgive them for that. But on the other hand it's like, "No! That should not be an excuse! Man up and keep it in your pants!" If you REALLY love someone, you are able to keep your physical urges in check no matter what. Because those are just physical urges. And the urge of the moment can lead to the sorrow of a lifetime for one or more people in that relationship.

I've been thinking about this more and more because on one of my favorite shows, Parenthood, one of the characters (Crosby) cheats on his fiance who he has a child with. Crosby is definitely not the most mature guy, and he was starting to get cold feet before his wedding. Then a beautiful girl shows up...dim lighting...a few drinks...bow chicka bow wow...and he cheated on his fiance with this woman.

I was so devastated. Partly because I know how terrible that feels. It is one of the worst feelings in the world to give yourself completely to someone and then have them basically tell you that wasn't enough by getting something extra from someone else. I could NEVER cheat on a guy--even if I didn't like him that much. I just could not do that to someone. I know some people view sex as something that is cavalier and insignificant because it's "just physical." But it's not to me. It is really a spiritual connection between two people and one of the most intimate ways to express your love for someone. So when you have that connection with someone, but then have that with someone else, it almost negates everything you had with the first person you were with.

I was ready to bash Crosby's head into a wall until I started to see how devastated HE was and how he realized the magnitude of the mistake he made. He basically started going mildly insane trying to win his fiance back. He sold everything he had to buy a house. Then he fixed it up, spending hours on hours doing repairs to make it perfect for his fiance and their son. It was really heart wrenching to see someone that passionately in love and determined to win someone back.

Cheating is a mistake. There is never a time when it's alright or excusable. If you don't want to be with the person you're with, TELL them! That would hurt a million times less than being cheated on and finding out about that later.

But mistakes are a part of life. We learn from them and grow stronger because of them. In Crosby's case, he made a HUGE mistake by cheating on his fiances. He realized that and decided to change himself for the better. I think he saw the ramifications of his actions and everything that he lost because of them, and because of that realized that he never wanted to experience that again.

So, you know, maybe he needed that to happen. Maybe he needed to have that experience for him to really be the best, most devoted and loyal husband that he could possibly be. It really sucks that his fiance had to go through that, but maybe in the long run it'll make her happier.

Or maybe I am just completely and utterly crazy and completely wrong haha.

That's just the thing, it will always be a gamble. This a person we're talking about. There are no absolutes when it comes to a person's behavior.

If you're with a guy who just has no respect for you and is cheating on you knowingly and willingly and is not coming clean about it and wanting to atone for it...I'd say drop him like it's hot because that is WRONG and nobody deserves that.

But if you're with a Crosby....well, I don't know. I know how important it is for us to forgive. But forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting. And as much as I always try to believe that everyone can change and become a better person, sometimes it just doesn't happen.

I'm not saying that cheating is an unforgivable. But to me, if you forgive someone for cheating without any sort of amends or ANYTHING, what does that say about you? It's like you're saying, "It's ok for you to treat me that way." That person might learn a lesson from it. And maybe it'll stick for a while...but eventually they might do it again.

Any person who views cheating as an option obviously isn't ready for a serious, committed relationship. Yes, they can change. But that needs to take place NOT with the person they cheated on. I think that part of changing and learning from that experience comes in part from being away from the person you cheated on. It gives you a totally different perspective.

Here's to having faith in love and fidelity.

P.S. if you liked the topic of this post, my friend Simeon is also doing a few posts on the topic of cheating. Be sure to check out his blog HERE

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture of the Day

Zoom Zoom

In honor of my faja's birthday, I am doing a post on some of my favorite classic cars.

Now, obviously there are MYRIADS of gorgeous cars out there, but I've managed to narrow my list down to a handful of my absolute favorites. You'll tell as you go through my list that I definitely have a type.

And pretty much all the cars I love and would kill to own are from the 50's. That is hands down my favorite era for cars and definitely one of my favorites for fashion.

You will see why in a second...

The '57 Chevy Bel Air will always be close to my heart because it's like the first real vintage car that I remember noticing and thinking, "Wow, that is really cool." I still remember the little Hot Wheels '57 Chevy I had (Yes, I had Hot Wheels. I was a huge Tom Boy....yet also very girlie...) It was definitely my most loved Hot Wheel.

In the age of the rocket, the '57 Chevy tastefully interpreted the futuristic, spacey style of the 50's. The fins on the back are bold, but not too much. It's definitely a big car, but it still has that long, elegant flow to it.

The '56 Chevy was also pretty awesome. It's actually slightly more awesome than the '57 just because of one feature: the gas pump is in the left tail light! How cool is that?! I think it's pretty nifty. The '57 has the awesome fins and feels a lot more retro, but the '56 is much more refined and classy, which I really like.

You'll see in these next pictures that pretty much all the car companies were on the same page in 56-57.

'57 Cadillac Coupe Deville

See the resemblance to the Chevy? Very similar silhouettes. I really love the headlights and spacey/rocket-inspired chrome details on the grill.

And yes, that is Elvis in the back seat.

Crown Victoria Skyliner

Ford's '57 Crown Vic Skyliner was also pretty sweet. I really love the chrome strip on the side and how it wraps around the headlights. Very retro. It doesn't have as much crazy detail as the Cadi and no huge fins like the Chevy, but it's definitely still an eye catcher.

'56 Jaguar XK140

.....Sorry, give me a sec. Angels have just descended upon me and are singing sweet heavenly melodies. OH my lord. This Jag seriously gives me heart palpitations. It is hands down one of the most beautiful cars in the galaxy.

I has such a regal, majestic aura to it. I know it's just a car, but it seriously looks dignified and classy! But at the same time, it also looks like it could smoke any other car who tried to rival it. The lines on it are SO sexy. Everything about it is sexy. Gorgeous, gorgeous automobile.

'52 Jaguar C Type

You can definitely see the resemblance in the lines of the '52 Jag C Type and the '56 XK140. Both have those classic, swooping Jag lines. But this '52 C Type is all business. And by business, I mean racing. This car came out of the car womb born to race. Ah I would KILL just to drive on lap in that car. It's racy without looking overtly racy, which is really hard to achieve.

And look! It's only a measly $1,200,000! Pocket change for me!

'57 Jaguar XKSS

Definitely one of the sexiest cars of the 50's. This Jag is BAD. ASS. This car is actually intimidating. It has such a fierce presence. I love it. The whole car is so fluid. It almost looks like it's melting or like a sheet blowing in the wind. Absolutely stunning.

'62 Jaguar

I saw this car drive by me on the street a few weeks ago and I almost crashed my bike because I was staring at it so long and my brain was just spinning in my head. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of cars from the 60's, but this is early 60's so it's still got a little bit of the 50's badassery going on. It has the total feel of a hot rod/race car, but also that of a modest little coup. It's amazing! It's like business and pleasure in one awesome car. Bravo, Jag. Bravo.

Shelby Cobra

One of the baddest, sexiest race cars for sure. That is just my opinion. Many will disagree with me. But there is something priceless and unique about the cobra that no other car has. And have you ever HEARD a Shelby Cobra roaring down the street? That is a glorious sound.

'57 T-bird

Ah what a beaut!! Truly an epic classic. The '57 T-bird is simple and sweet. I love the long lines and the small fins on the back. And of course the porthole window. That's just the cherry one top. Muah!

'53 Corvette

I remember when I first saw the '53 Corvette I thought, "That's not a Corvette..." Really, it's not a "Corvette" or how we think of Corvettes today. But the first Corvette was not the sporty race car that we know today. They were more the country club, American dream car. I love the picture on the top because it really epitomizes what the '53 Corvette was. Like the woman standing next to it, it is elegant, polished and refined. A truly beautiful classic.

'56 Corvette

'56 is really when the Corvette started to look like the racy sports car that we know today. It is so simple and elegant. The lines are graceful and flow so beautifully. It is really not a flashy sports car at all, which is why I love it. It's an understated beauty.

'65 Mustang

Of course I had to mention the '65 Mustang. It's really the gem of American made classic cars. Like the '56 Corvette, it has a simple elegance about it. It has a strength and power to it that is so graceful. You really don't see that in many other cars from the 60's, in my opinion.

'53 Porsche

The '53 Porsche is like the baby Porsche, thus making it absolutely freaking adorable. I mean, honestly! Look at it! Modern Porsches are all sexy and racy and flashy. but the '53 is just like, "Hi! I like to go fast! :D BEEP BEEP!" It is cute and classy. Love it.

'56 Porsche

In '56, the Porsche underwent some noticeable maturing. It's not drastically different from the '53, but you can still notice a definite difference in its appearance. The '56 Porsche, like the '56 Jag, is another car that sets my heart aflutter every time I see it. SO classy. What an elegant, regal presence it has, too. It has those gorgeous, streamline curves that Porsche is now known for. Just simply perfect.

Porsche Spyder

What a bad little mamber jamber it is. The car that James Dean died in. That makes it seem even more epic and bad ass. It is just such a sexy car. I absolutely love the lines and the length of the body. It looks like it's moving even when it's standing still.

Gullwing Mercedes 300SL

With this car, it seriously had me at "gullwing doors". I mean, come on. How badass are those doors? It's kind of ridiculous. I LOVE gullwing doors. They would make any car look insanely cool. And you'd feel like you were getting into a jet every time you went to drive it! The doors are definitely the main feature of the car, NOT the the rest isn't equally awesome. But it does just look like a fairly simple, little racer until BAM! Whip open those gullwings, baby! I love this Mercedes because it's classy and elegant, but still has a very strong/futuristic appearance as well.

'59 Cadillac

I am not a huge Cadillac fan. It's a little bit TOO much car for me. I would feel like I was driving a military submarine down the highway if I was in one. But any car that has fins and taillights that look like rocket ships is alright with me.

Karmen Ghia

Ah my little Ghia. Karmen Ghia's really aren't anything super flashy or exciting, but they are so stinking cute! I just love them. They embody everything summer to me for some reason. Like I can see some surfer chick in her bikini and jean shorts cruisin down the beach with the top down in her little Ghia. I would like to be that surfer girl :)

'56 MGA

Such a sweet little roadster. Very similar lines to the '56 Corvette, but a little more simple. I would love the cruise the back rods of England in this little guy.

'57 Austin Healey

Austin Healey also had that same look as MG. I really love the two tone paint job on this car. It is such an English car. I just love that when I look at it, I think of England.

Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite

Quite possibly the cutest car ever invented in the universe. Any car with "Bugeye" in the name has a special place in my heart. Just look at it! It looks like this :D ! I wish ALL cars looked like that. It looks so enthralled to be driving wherever you're taking it. Too freaking adorable.

And last, but certainly not least, the '56 Nash Metropolitan. It was love at first sight for me with this car. I remember seeing it at a car museum and just gasping. I have never felt that a car epitomizes me as much as the Nash Metropolitan. It is so small and cute and retro and funky! It's just perfect. I can totally see myself in one, cruisin down the highway in my vintage cateye glasses. I have this picture of my wall so that every morning I see it and picture myself driving it. I know that one day I WILL be driving it for real! :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There are certain songs that are so amazing that they will just never get old. This is one of those songs. Love you, Adele.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Picture of the Day

Take A Bow

This last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending a trunk show/movie premier (post on said event coming soon) at the historic Crest Theater in Sacramento.

The Crest is hands down the most beautiful theater I have ever been in...Granted, I haven't been in a boat load of theaters, but still. When I'm standing in the middle of the theater with my mouth agape, taking in all the details and intricacies on the walls and ceilings, that is a beautiful theater.

There is something magical about theaters to me. They just ooze art and creativity to me. It's almost as if the walls hold the memories of every performance that they've witnessed.

Being in the Crest reminded me of this gorgeous photo shoot shot in an old theater.

This shot is so outrageous. It messes with my brain every time I see it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

I am so utterly enthralled with this Spring weather and blooming flowers and beauty that I decided to compile a little photo montage thinggy of beautiful pictures that remind me of Spring.