Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fringey Fringe

I've mentioned in an earlier post my ridiculous obsession with fringe. But just in case you didn't get a chance to see it and aren't aware: I AM OBSESSED WITH FRINGE.

Good. Glad we established that. Now you can fully comprehend just how much my world was rocked when I stumbled upon this vendor on etsy the other day:

Pretty magnifique, eh? This lady has a HUGE collection of vintage fringed articles (mostly all from the 60's and 70's).

Now, just on their own, they might look a little...outdated hippie...ish. But the way she styled them, ah, it is perfection. I love all the accessories, the model's hair, everything. Totally makes them modern and edgy.

I whip my fringe back and and forth. This vest has a kind of tribal feel to it that I love.

Modern gypsy woman. LOVE the pattern on this. And I'm pretty sure it's a raised, embossed velvet, which just makes it that much more amazing.

If angels designed a fringed garment, this would be it.

Love this Oriental pattern. And I like how the fringe is more bulky like tassels.

So elegant. This reminds me of a willow tree.

Another gorgeous oriental pattern.

This is probably my favorite complete look. I am gaga for the shoes and the fedora. It works perfectly with this delicate, fringe shift dress. Muah!!

I definitely need to get me some fringe or I'm seriously going to lose it.


  1. I love the first (green) and last best. Such great styling... i might need to figure some fringe into my own wardrobe!

  2. oooh! loving these pieces, but full disclosure, I'm completely outdated and hippie...ish!!

  3. I'm crying with how sad it is that I don't have enough fringe in my wardrobe AND how expensive fringe articles of clothing are!! What the ef!?

    I'll buy a How to Make Fringe for Dummies book and save bucket loads creating my own fabulous fringe items! Ha. In yo face, capitalism.