Saturday, March 5, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Russ Mills

I recently discovered this artist (Russ Mills) and I am quite frankly smitten with him as of late. Now I'm no art critic/expert, but I find his work really incredible--unique, modern, elegant, passionate and then some. This first piece I posted is my favorite of his, but there are many others as well.

This ^ is his website. Check it out and like him on FB!

I really love all the movement in his pieces.

I really loved this one because it could totally be an ad editorial for a designer's sunglasses! That would definitely grab my attention if I saw it in a fashion magazine.

This one reminded me of Twiggy.

Love her face haha

Jimi Hendrix..ish?

SO cool.


I like how the face is really detailed and clear and then the rest is scribbles and blurs that somehow show us the rest of the figure. That's a common theme in almost all his pieces and I really like that. It's like there is a lot of chaos and randomity going on, but then there is a peace and serenity in the clearness of the face.

This also looks like a fashion ad that he edited.

I also really like how he places color and the colors that he uses.


  1. OH MY GAWD!! I came across Russ Mills art awhile back, a brief little peek and loved it! I put his work on my list of things to own when I'm older and living in a fabulous, vintage chic studio!

  2. That is amazing, Kels!!!! Just proof at what soul sistas we are! :D

  3. What a beautiful collection of these lovely artistic works.
    i love them all.