Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Art Des Pied

Yes, yes, I know we all know that Sarah Burton's first collection for the late Alexander McQueen (Spring 2011) was a smash hit. But there was so much magnificence teeming in that collection that I really wasn't able to take it all in.

I knew the shoes were amazing, but seriously...they are AMAZING. Don't believe me? Take a looksy:

Sarah somehow managed to make studs and buckles ethereal with the white shoes on top. I love the steel toe and side slits on these.

It's not goth, not punk, not S&M...It's indescribable. I usually don't like buckles on shoes. And the buckles and steel toes and studs could be too much in some cases. But here, it's perfection.

The gold shoes top right remind me of a modern gladiator heel. Love. If I was ever going to buy a pair of wheat heels, the ones on bottom left would be it. I wish you could see the ones on bottom right more. They are gold butterflies. Yeah, I know.

Typically not a lover of butterflies (at least not in clothes. Normal butterflies are cool), but these are SO gorgeous. Literally feet art. The wedges are intricately sculpted to make it look like butterflies are about to lift you off the ground into some alternate butterfly universe.

Love the T-strap on the black wedges on top. And the feathered pair on the bottom...what can I even say? They're pretty much too fabulous for words.

Bravo, Ms. Burton!


  1. This is so my jam and crumpets.

    She did phenomenal!! Those gold butterfly heels instantly caught my eye. You got it down - these are indescribable and I would totally wear them with a soft, delicate dress. Ah, why am I not a billionaire yet???

  2. Ah I knew you were like the only person who would fully appreciate the insanity of beauty taking place in these shoes, Kels. And I KNOW. We need to become rich, STAT! Or get us some sugar daddies!