Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pinky and the Brain

Recently, I have really been feeling the rebel, I guess. I don't even feel like it's necessarily rebelling--more like just changing. I want a change.

I am SO bored with myself as of late. It's not like I don't like myself--quite the contrary. But I feel like spiritually and emotionally, I am transforming so much and so quickly while my outside is still exactly the same.

I feel like I have turned a new page in my life and I feel like I need to symbolize that by changing some part of my appearance. Another big part of wanting to change is that I am tired of looking like a child. I want to look like an adult, dammit! I am so sick of people thinking I'm 16! I mean I don't think I look 16, but that's just because I know what I looked like at 16.

Now a few days ago, I was feeling REALLY impulsive and was actually contemplating getting a tattoo or something pierced or something along those lines. But I realized that would probably be something I would regret. I guess I was getting so worked up because I don't feel that I've ever done anything rebellious or daring as far as my appearance goes.

Usually when I want a change, I cut my hair or dye it. But I like my hair color now and if I have this short hair any longer, I am going to go insane. So there is no way I'm cutting it.

So, I was thinking about some pink highlights:

I was inspired when I stumbled on some old pictures of Rachel McAdams when she had her pink highlights.

Rachel McAdams (one of my favorite actresses and probably one of the most beautiful women ever) totally rocked her pink highlights. It was definitely a shocker, but I think she totally pulled it off. I really wish my hair had the same shape as hers here, but I've got a ways to go.

I mean usually when people (even me) hear "pink highlights", they get a terrible image of some Hot Topic shopping, punk teenie bopper. But I think that Rachel did a subtle enough shade to where it was just enough edginess.

This photo shoot also gave me inspiration. This model's hair is more like my length...pretty damn close actually. So that got me thinking about maybe just doing a really subtle pink fringe on the bottom.

I LOVE this picture. I think her hair is absolutely adorable.

I think that this would be the perfect change for me. I mean it'll last, what? Like a week or two? And then I'll be back to normal.

Stay tuned for further advances in project pink hair. In the meantime, enjoy these stunning pictures of Rachel and her rosy tresses from Elle (It's one of my favorite celebrity spreads ever):


  1. YES! Mais oui, Skybaby!! Do it. It's perfect. Aside from how bamf and beautiful Rachel pulled it off, that photoshoot with the blunt bob is absolutely stunning. It works! I don't know how, but I don't care.

    DO IT. <3

  2. :D Yay! I'm glad you approve, Kels! I'm about to get a job at a salon downtown soon and I'll get free cut and color when I start, so I'll probably do it in the next week or two :)