Friday, February 11, 2011


Marchesa's Spring show took my breath away, as do all of their collections. This collection was brimming with Marchesa's signature characteristics: lace, draping and unbelievably gorgeous detailing.

I love how the gray tulle kind of fade into the black because of the print on it. It looks almost smokey.

Leave it to Marchesa to totally rock a jumpsuit and make it on par with an evening gown. Love the lace. Love the beading detail on the top.

Fluffy :]

This dress drapes SO beautifully. It's deconstructed...but not. It's a great silhouette.

I think this dress has a big bow on the back. That would have been nice to see.

When I saw this dress, I had like a little explosion of happiness inside me. The reason for this mini explosion of happiness is that I have recently been SO into incorporating chains and beads into my evening gowns. No other designer has really done that. So seeing Marchesa do it made me really happy. I mean it just looks so stunning! and it's so unique! It's like a huge built in accessory.

But this dress...with this one, I had an H-bomb of happiness go off inside me. This is UNbelievable. And the fact that it has gorgeous beading AND draped sleeves pretty much sent me over the edge. I just cannot get over how spectacular this dress it. It is like a goddess dress with a touch of Art Nouveau and 30''s like everything beautiful in fashion got together and made this dress.

This dress is amazing. For some reason it reminds me of spiders and spider webs...The skirt has a gossamer look to it. And the peplum, with all it's points, reminds me of a spider for some reason.

GORGEOUS bead work on this one. I love the train also.

I love the balance of the one shoulder sleeve and the single hip drape. So beautiful.

Fluff ball!

The swirled chiffon on this looks incredible. I love the kind of fringed, fluffy effect it has. The shoulder is great, too.

Ah, so cool! I love this.

This is definitely one of my favorites from this collection. It seriously is like an optical illusion to me at times. Maybe it's just the background, but it almost looks like the dress just appears out of the white background and that someone painted the black on there somehow. I don't know..haha. I just love it. I love the contrast of black and white, I love the designs and I love the structured peplum. Magnifique!

Talk about fantasy fairytale. This dress is all that and more. I'm not even sure what kind of fabric it is. It almost looks like paper with tiny cut outs in it. Either way, this dress is mind blowing.

I love the criss-cross layers on this and how it trails off into a gorgeous train. Muah!

This definitely has an Asian/geisha vibe to it that I am totally digging. I love all the layers and the fringed train and sleeve.

Love the color. Love the fluff.

Another fairytale dress! I LOVE the asymmetrical cut of the dress and all the glittering details along the edges. It is a really elegant silhouette.

So cool. Love the pattern on the front.

I have no idea how they got this effect on this dress, but it is awesome.

The color...ah ja'dore. So beautiful.

What a great closing dress. It is quite the statement piece. It has the paper look to it, too, which is really interesting. The color is fabulous and I just love the whole silhouette.

Bravo, Marchesa!

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  1. Okee, honestly, Sky, I have no idea how our minds are linked but they are. Seriously, absolutely, every comment you had on the dresses (specifically that pleated mini cocktail dress with the shoulder beading) IS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN I SAW THE DRESSES!!!!!!!!!
    What the frick!? This is so cool.

    p.s. i lobe ya