Tuesday, February 8, 2011


If you haven't seen BABIES, you need to. Seriously. Go. Right now. Go and find some how to present it before your eyes. Because you cannot die a fulfilled life until you've seen this movie.

I mean, really, I don't need to say anything about it. The title is BABIES. It's starring babies, about babies, featuring babies ALL ABOUT BABIES. How could that NOT be spectacular?

But the thing that I loved the most about this movie was that aside from seeing the immense diversity in the cultures that the four babies grew up in, you also see how alike they are. I had the realization that we, humans, really are all brothers and sisters. No matter what color our skin, where we come from, what language we speak, what religion we believe, we are all human, and that will never change. We all start the same way, as babies. Our environment may change us and effect how we are, but the fact that we share that common ground of being human beings on this Earth together will never change.

I know that might sound cheesy, but it's true. This is truly a beautiful documentary. It totally gave me a new perspective on life and I recommend it to any and everyone.

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