Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am absolutely LOVING my new lace up leather booties from Heart Clothing Boutique. For the longest time, I have wanted a pair of awesome booties. Just plain ol' rockin' booties.

And when Jeffrey Campbell came out with these ^ bad boys, I was in love. But I'm sorry, I can't and wont pay $150.00 for a pair of shoes. I mean, they're amazing. And maybe I would if I had gobs of money. But unfortunately I am a but a pauper.

So I was SUPER excited when I walked in to Heart and saw these sitting on the table! They are exactly what I've wanted! At just the right price!

For $45.00 these can be yours :)

Not only are they adorable (and sexy), they are incredibly comfortable. And they go with EVERYTHING. I know I will be wearing these most likely every day this Fall.

Hurray! :D I love it when a shopping fantasy comes true!


  1. I think yours are cuter! And I know they are cute on :)

  2. those are amazing! at an equally amazing price.