Thursday, September 1, 2011

Punk Chic

Recently, I have been really inspired by punk and androgyny. I just love the idea of a woman being downright FIERCE while still being sexy and feminine.

So I decided to style a Punk Chic inspired shoot.

I did my own hair and make up for this shoot. Nothing special. Black liquid liner on my brows and lids and red L'Oreal lipstick.

I WAS super proud of how little this outfit cost, until I remembered the shoes...Oh, the shoes. They were definitely a splurge, but well worth it to me--$50.00 at Sheikh Shoes.

As for the rest of the outfit:

Blouse: Thrift Town ($1.99)
Skirt: Good Will ($4.00)
Jacket: Good Will ($3.00)
Tights: Target ($7.00)
All the jewelry I already had

EXCEPT for the absolutely stunning studded metal wrist bands. What an incredible statement piece. These wrist bands were made by a local designer Eric Jensen. These bracelets and more of his pieces can be found at FRINGE.

I have to give Audrey, the owner of FRINGE, a BIG thank you for letting me borrow these pieces. Audrey is honestly one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. And that is why I always tell people to visit her shop. Because not only is her merchandise absolutely mind blowing, she makes each visit an experience. I wish I had as much fun in every store as I do in hers :)

So please make sure to stop by and say hello! Just a warning, you might end up spending half your day wandering about in her shop, mouth agape and eyes bulging. Consider yourself warned.

And now for the pictures. As always, my friend Marcus did an INCREDIBLE job on the photography and editing. For more of this up and coming star, visit his site.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Try and get punky yourself! It's really a lot of fun dressing completely opposite of how you usually do.


  1. seriously rocking it Sky-bear. I LOVE!!!!!!

  2. I adore you style, your hair and your eye make ups.