Monday, September 5, 2011

So You Think You're A Gentleman?

I stumbled upon this on a new men's blog I just discovered. It is pretty much a numerical list of male perfection. I absolutely love it.

There is also a blog containing the Rules of a Gentleman that is great, too. That has hundreds of rules that other people have submitted to the tomes of gentlemanly behavior.

While perusing all these rules of chivalry, I had a most brilliant idea for a T.V. show. There is "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Now, there needs to be "So You Think You're a Gentleman?" Where men from all walks of life will battle in tests of chivalry, charm, wit, gallantry and other gentlemanly attributes for the title of ultimate gentleman. I honestly think, if produced, it would be the greatest T.V. show to ever air. One day...I will make it happen. Mark my words.

And ladies, don't think YOU are off the hook so easily and that it's all on the dudes. We've got to hold up our end, too. There are some REALLY great ones on here (The Rules of a Lady).

May we all be gentle...whatever gender is appropriate to you. The world would be such a wonderful place if we followed even half of these simple guidelines.

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