Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nighty Night

Well, June-ary has ended and JUNE is finally here. Ah, yes. My least favorite time of year is upon us. Now I begin the incredibly difficult task of finding cute, Summery outfits that are cool, but not trashy or potentially skankalicious. I refuse to wear cut off shorts and tank tops all Summer long.

But I do believe I have found the answer to my Summer wardrobe dilemma:

Yep. Vintage night gowns. Not only are the SUPER adorable, they are also incredibly light and cool! Throw one on over a slip, belt it, slip on some sandals and you're good to go! It is the perfect piece for Summer.

I got this one from Goodwill the other day for like 3 dollars (that's the other great thing about them. They're usually pretty cheap). I had a baby shower to attend in the park today, so I decided this would be the perfect occasion to wear it (the baby is a boy, too, so even more perfect!).

I just love it so much! When I first bought it, it reminded me of Wendy from Peter Pan. I definitely do feel magical in this little number. I can't wait to start expanding my collection of vintage night gowns for the Summer! Now I will be cool AND classy :)


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  1. Great idea!! Love how this looks on you. :)