Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chic Dipping

Well, the weather is getting nice finally (after that ridiculous June-ary period. What what up with that?)! Now Mr. Sun is visiting me oh so brightly almost every day! And you know what that means....SWIMSUITS!!

Now I have never been a bikini kind of girl. I have always liked one pieces better. And I have YEARNED for a vintage one piece swimsuit for a very long time, but my yearning has reached a high this year.

The sad thing about vintage suits is that...well, they are swimsuits. Swimsuits don't last that long, let alone 50 years. So finding a vintage one, that is in good condition, is extremely difficult. I found one in Oregon for about 50 bucks and it fit me like a glove and I would have bought it, were it not for my unfortunate lack of funds. It was so weird, though! I mean it was made of cloth and it had a zipper! haha It's just weird seeing that when I'm so used to my stretchy, synthetic fiber, modern suits.

But I have not given up. I know that I will find my perfect suit this season. The suit in this picture up top is like my ideal suit. Ahh I love everything about that suit--plus that picture is just crazy chic and glamorous. There is something undeniably sexy about big hats and swimsuits.

These are some more pictures of adorable vintage one pieces that I would love to own (pay attention, universe. I need you to send one of these my way).

I love you, Marilyn, you goddess!

Quit monkeyin' around.

While looking for suits, I stumbled upon these old Jantzen ads. They were like the most popular bathing suit manufacturer of the 50's. Every woman who was any any woman had a Jantzen. I love these ads so much! The illustrations are really gorgeous and the ads are actually really funny sometimes.

But I'm just gonna cut in here and say who the f$%^! has a body like that??? I mean, honestly, not even Giselle has that body. Her waist is, what, like 13 inches?? Absolutely insane. But I guess that's what you get when you wear a girdle every day for years and years. What women had to go through back then to look good. Geesh. And we complain about wearing heels. We've got NOTHING to complain about.

I wonder if an obese woman ever looked at this ad and went out and bought a Jantzen suit thinking that when she put it on, she'd turn into her ^

Hahaha this guy's face cracks me up.

LOVE this pink, ruched suit

Diaper effect? ^ haha I tried on a suit like that one. I felt like I was one again. I love the retro fin pockets on the blue suit.

This one is too cute! I mean, come on, it has ruffles. Case closed.

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  1. I actually luckily found the last one. Mine is blue instead of red, but still very cool!