Sunday, July 17, 2011


Well, my favorite time of the year has come: COUTURE WEEK. It just wrapped up in Paris and I have been in fashion heaven for the past week, engrossing myself in the incredible pieces from the couture collections.

But by far my favorite couture collection is Givenchy's by Riccardo Tisci.

"Purity, lightness, fragility," was how he described his inspiration for this collection. And that is exactly what was embodied in these pieces.

It is seriously impossible for me to even begin to comprehend the extensive time and painstaking effort that went into these dresses.

This dress is decorated with tiger's-eye pearls that had been inserted with crystals to catch the light, so as to appear to be glowing. They were also arranged in the exact same pattern as the marks on an ostrich skin.

Keep in mind, also, that this was ALL done by hand.


This piece, which is the most expensive one, was also the most painstakingly detailed. It is covered in hand cut and hand sew, perfectly symmetrical tulle petals, or scales. They are piled on top of each other so that in the end, it gives the appearance of some couture, other-worldly fish. Absolutely magnificent.


I like that Riccardo is featuring large, plastic zippers on these dresses. So easily, they could have crossed the line from modern to tacky, but I think it is a great modern touch for these ethereal gowns.


This dress, to me, seems to be the most opulent. The high collar and the peplem are very reminiscent of the Renaissance and remind me of royalty.


I love the back on this dress. So elegant. Riccardo takes the meaning of couture to new lengths in the way that he crafts each one of his pieces to fit each model to perfection.


Absolutely love the feathers on this.


Another incredible application of tulle petals.


Ah, as if I didn't adore fringe before, Riccardo has inspired an even greater love for it in me.


This dress is so ethereal and heavenly to me. It just looks like it's ready to float away up to the heavens. It is so fragile and delicate and pure.


And what a dress for the finale. The gilded fringe is just magnificent. Talk about exuberance. It feels Greek, Egyptian and modern to me.

I really recommend watching this video. In it, you get to really see the pieces up close and fully begin to comprehend just how much time and effort went into them.

Basically, Riccardo Tisci is my hero. I've been very worried that couture is becoming a dying art. But when I see a collection like this, my hope is restored.

This is ART. This is truly art. And this is why I love couture. Like Riccardo says, it's not just a piece that's coming with the season and leaving with the next coming one, it is a piece of art that should be treasured forever.

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