Monday, May 9, 2011

A Date With Bill

Well, this post is LONG overdue, but here we go!

Three weekends ago, I went to the premier of Bill Cunningham New York at the Crest Theater. The movie was AMAZING. Everyone needs to see it, whether you're in to fashion or not.

I'm going to do a post about the documentary soon. I just have so much to was so much amazingness in one film.

But the other great part about the night was everything that came before the movie.

Of course, I HAD to get dressed for Bill :)

So I decided to take inspiration from the street fashion mecca of the world: Harajuku. It was so fun putting this outfit together. Obviously it is nothing like anything I would ever wear haha. But it felt so good just being outrageous and crazy! I think maybe having to wear a plain black uniform every day for both my jobs finally got to me and resulted in a neon explosion of awesomeness.

The Crest theater is SOOOO amazingly gorgeous. I was just walking around like :o...

It was also great because before the movie, there was a trunk show in the lobby of the theater with a bunch of local shop owners. It's been so great meeting everyone and becoming part of the fashion community here.

Hahaha I seriously just laugh when I see a picture of me in this outfit. So ridiculous. My shoes were definitely my favorite part of the outfit. I was SO tall!! I loved it!

Oh but how could I forget the tutu? Probably my favorite clothing item I have ever owned. I firmly believe that every girl should own a tutu. Because it's impossible to be sad in a tutu. If I'm ever feeling down, I'm just going to slip it on and think of candy and bunnies and kitties and baby laughter :]

Ah, there were so many wonderful people there. This is Kara (of Crimson and Clover boutique), Bella (of The Citizen Rosebud and Street Style Sacramento), Kerry (of Fashion Farms and Freedom and also Street Style Sacramento) and Nicole (also of Crimson and Clover boutique). All looking SMASHING, might I add.

This is the stunning, spectacular Kari Shipman (of Juniper James), the stupendously wonderful Melody Stone (of It's All Happening) and moi! Kari and I got ready together and we couldn't help but laugh at how polar opposite we were of each other. Melody looked fabulous in a coral, lace 50's dress.

The only person who rivaled me in craziness was Lindsey Rickman. She was wearing a neon, crazy leotard that she got from a ballet that was performing in Sacramento a while back. Basically, she is my hero. She is so ridiculously awesome that it is beyond comprehension.

Speaking of ridiculously awesome, my friend Nikki (of Little Bits of Nik Nak) looked AHmazing in a vintage, 70's, floral jumper. The best part about them is that she didn't realize they were pants until she tried it on!

Unfortunately, I was really lame and didn't take hardly any pictures of the event :/ But if you go here to Nikki's blog, she did a great post on it and has lots o' pictures :)

All in all, twas an incredible night. I had SO much fun.

Hopefully this will start a revolution of street fashion in Sacramento!!

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  1. HAHA I'll never forget when I was leaving, feeling all jazzed and corageous, when some girls drove by and one said "giiiiiirrrl, wach' you wearin'!?!" haha it was priceless!