Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shhhh Listen

Neon Indian is a band I've always heard of, but haven't taken the time to listen to them. But after I heard that they are headlining for a music festival I'm going to in July, I figured I should listen to some of their stuff finally.

They are kind of perfectly fitting in to my mood right now. I have a weird taste right now...kind of like psychedelic, techno, reverb, summer sounding stuff? If that makes sense haha. But I'm really liking their stuff! This song "Terminally Chill" is so funky and fun. I love it.

This is another song I'm loving right now by Teen Daze. Funky Summer sountrack for sure.

"Soak It Up" by Houses is my slow jam of the moment. It has such a great little beat, but it just soothes me when I listen to it. Great chill jam.

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