Friday, May 6, 2011

Pink Think

Well, it's been a while now...but in case you didn't know, I dyed part of my hair pink. I did a post a while ago about how I wanted to do it. And I meant to do one when I actually did it, but I just kept forgetting.

So...I'm doing it now.

I have to say, I am very happy that I did. I mean, I know it's not THAT big of a deal (it's not like I buzzed my hair and then dyed it like a double rainbow), but it kind of is to me. It's just it's so not something I would have done...before, I guess. And I love that.

SO much stuff has happened to me in the past year. I have seen so many things, done some very foolish things, realized so many things from those foolish things--you get the picture. But when I looked in the mirror, I still saw that same timid, naive girl. And I definitely felt like I was still being treated as such. I felt like I had grown so much spiritually and emotionally, but none of it was visible to me or anyone else.

Suddenly I started feeling the massive compulsion to start doing drastic things to my appearance. Piercings? Tattoos? Shaving my head? Yeah...not that daring...or stupid. I would definitely regret those. I wanted something subtle, but not. And I almost wanted to feel out of my comfort zone. Because that's kind of what this whole past year has been about for me: putting myself in new, almost always terrifying, situations and learning how to deal with them.

So I decided on the pink. I figured it was rebellious enough to be..well, rebellious, but also sweet and soft enough to work with the rest of my somewhat grandma/toddler/vintagey wardrobe.

I didn't think it was THAT noticeable, but I got tons of comments on it the day after I did it. I didn't like the attention that it brought so much as the way that people started treating me differently. I felt like I was more grown up in their eyes because of it.

It seems so ridiculous to me that pink streak in my hair could effect how people treat me, but in all reality, we can be extremely shallow, materialistic and judgmental. But rightly so sometimes. If you dress like a sloppy mess, people will treat you like you're a sloppy mess. If you dress professional and with confidence, people will treat you as a confident professional.

When people have the balls to express themselves through fashion and their appearance, people usually acknowledge/respect it. It's basically displaying your inner confidence on the outside for others to see. For me, the pink was my way of saying, "I have changed and I am different now."

It might be a silly pink streak in my hair. But for me, it represents a new era for me. A new, wonderful era.

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  1. I love it and i think the pink streak is a perfect way to express the difference you are feeling in your life... I have gone through the same thing and still do... there are phases of life and try as hard as you might to not go with that cliche' but it does happen and there is nothing wrong with it.