Friday, May 6, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

Well, my least favorite season is fast approaching. Yep, I'm talking about Summer. I know for most girls, "tan" is one of the most employed words in the English language for them during Summer, but not pour moi. For me, the sun in my arch enemy. Shade and I are like soulmates. We belong together. But unfortunately, there are times when shade is not available and I must venture out into the scalding beams of the fiery sun. This almost always results in me looking like a certain crustacean that rhymes with "bobster".

So, my solution for this is: PARASOL. Not only is it a useful tool in warding off diabolical UV rays, it also makes an adorable addition to any outfit. I've seen girls walking around with normal umbrellas. And, sure, that gets the job done, but come on...boring. Then I saw a girl walking around with one that almost looked like a rice paper/bamboo one from China and it was so awesome!! So elegant. I'd like one of those or a lace one. Either one would be utterly fabulous and be welcomed with open arms to my closet. :]

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