Monday, January 31, 2011

Being in a new environment and meeting new people is always an interesting experience. At least for me, I always find myself slightly shy and more reserved than I normally am with people I know. I mean, I think that's how it is with most people, but maybe not...maybe I'm just crazy and have social anxiety disorder out the wazoo and I'm just in denial. Anywho, disorder or not, I have come across something numerous times now and it always irritates me.

My age is ALWAYS against me, first of all. "How old are you?...NINETEEN?? Awww you're such a baby!" Really? I'm like three years younger than you, you sodding tosser. It's not like I'm a toddler riding around on my Barbie roller skates...although that does sound kind of fun.

Now, this is the part that bothers me. Inevitably with MOST people, drugs come up. "So, you smoke?" Nope. "Drink?" Nope. "Awwww you're such a good girl! (with that know the one)" No...I'm just not an idiot and I don't waste my time getting wasted and high all the time. It's called having a life and actually doing productive things.

I mean, look--I don't give a fluttering flit what you do or what you put in your body or what craziness you partake in. That's your business and I don't judge you from that. But don't act like you're better than me or wiser then me or more experienced or worldly than me because you smoke pot and party. That pretty much makes no sense.


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  1. So I pretty much love you. And we still haven't met. This is the story of my life right here.

    Always pursuing things "beyond my years", always the baby who's "ONLY ___?!", and continue to combat the 'no I don't do any of those things', thing. Maybe there's some cosmic correlation between not doing those things and being slightly more accomplished & mature for whatever age you are. Not sayin, just sayin.

    Be proud of it girl. You're freakin awesome.