Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Elie Saab Spring Couture

Elie Saab has long been one of my favorite evening wear designers. Remember this dress^^? Yeah, NBD. Just one of the most famous red carpet looks ever. I still remember when I was 9, seeing Halle Berry in this dress and feeling my passion for fashion start pulsing rapidly throughout my body. It really was this dress that made me start getting into fashion, and especially evening wear, more.

With every collection since then, Elie has never let me down. His gowns are enchanting, magical and immaculately constructed. He is a true inspiration for me. His Spring 2011 Couture collection didn't let me down in the least. I've included my favorite pieces from the collection.

He started off with simple nude and flesh tones, including his signature flowers, embroidery and beading.

He used a lot of chiffon and sheer fabric in this collection, which I loved. The neckline on this is so subtle and sexy.

I love the straps on this and the asymmetrical slit.

Can you say goddess dress? No one drapes a goddess dress more fabulously than Elie. Truly magnificent.

This dress was my favorite from the collection. I love everything about it. The color is gorgeous, the neckline with the small hints of lace is beautiful, and the carefully placed lace panels are stunning. It is such a breathtaking dress.

I love me some red.

I love the small peplum on this and the gathered shoulders.

This dress is like tied with my other favorite. The lace/beading detail is mind blowing!! I seriously can't get over it.

Beautiful lace work.

Elie Saab brings new meaning to the plain black evening gown. Seriously, these black dresses are unbelievable. So stunning. The draped arms on this one is one of my favorite styles of sleeves on evening dresses. It's so elegant.

I love the bodice and single shoulder.

This one almost looks fuzzy. I love the texture.

SO sexy. I'm on sexy overload.

This one was the closer. He always does something pretty elaborate like this. I love all the flower detailing.

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  1. Oh. My. Goddess. Divine. Lunar. Stellar. Breathtaking.

    Soul sista, you hit the nail on the couture head on this one! Holy crap, I love Elie Saab with all my heart. No joke. When I did my runway post, I had the same viewpoint on Mr. Saab.

    He knows elegance and beauty. Simple as zhat. Fuck, I can't fucking breathe right, I'm so overwhelmed by this collection. He carries my beating organ in a vial around his neck, I swear.

    Also, the draped sleeves are MY FAVORITE too for evening gowns!!! I've been obsessed with them since I was eight. I've never lost my ardent love for them! I lobe this blog, I lobe my Skybaby and I lobe this post to the galaxy and back...and maybe another lap or two to be sure. <3 <3 <3 <3