Friday, January 14, 2011

Mumford and Sons

Folk music and I have a very sporadic relationship. We're on again off again to the max. The last folk band I was pretty into was Fleet Foxes...until....I met my folk soulmate: Mumford and Sons.

Sweet lordy. When my ears first hearkened the crazy banjo solo in "Little Lion Man", it was like love at first listen. Then I listened to "White Blank Page" and had my heart ripped out and torn to shreds most beautifully. Listening to this whole album was an incredibly cathartic experience for me because it felt like every song was either written for me (like how I feel) or from someone else's perspective (like them singing it to me), if that makes sense. The lyrics are just unbelievably gorgeous--some of the most poetic lyrics I've seen in a while. There is a song for every emotion: happiness, sorrow, bliss, heartache, longing, regret, fulfillment. But regardless of the emotion, every song is filled with passion and intensity.

It is an album that I think everyone should experience. If you don't like folk music, give this album a chance to change your mind.

My personal favorites besides the aforementioned are "Winter Winds", "The Cave" and "Awake My Soul."

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