Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hey Hey It's My Birthday!

Well, nineteen years ago a stranger in a white coat spanked my tooshie and sent me on my way into the world. I don't really know why we celebrate was kind of traumatic. But whatevs.

All I know is I'm glad I'm here and I'm glad I have a great new year to look forward to!! And I'm glad to leave "barely legal 18" in the dust. I'm so tired of people treating me like a child just because of my age. I am more competent than a GREAT majority of 21 year olds. So maybe this NEW title, 19, will give me a tad more credibility.

Haha I just watched this youtube clip again for like the millionth time. It still gets me.

I was thinking today, "What is the point when woman start lying about their age or avoiding disclosing it like it's the black plague?" I mean, not all women do that, but a great majority do. I think it is SUCH bull that it is accepted that guys get better with age like some high end French wine while woman are made to think they're wilting like a flower or a grape in the sun! (mm raisins). And women totally buy into it!! It is really aggravating to the Nth degree.

I just know that I am going to relish every year that comes to me and I will cherish every wrinkle on my face because they just represent experiences I've learned from and knowledge I've gained (hopefully). That's what life is about!! You accept yourself and love yourself for how you are, no matter how old of wrinkly or hunch-backed you are :]

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