Friday, January 7, 2011

*Sigh* Be still, my heart

Today is Jeremy Renner's (my gynormous celeb crush) birthday! To my great dismay, he is turning 40. So I'm either going to be like a reverse cougar (I don't even know what to call that...a sloth? A baby cougar? A house cat? I don't even know) or just be content to be friends. I seriously do believe that I'm going to meet him some day, though.

There are so many reasons why Jeremy is amazing. The first being that he is a Capricorn and his birthday is the day before mine.

The other thing I love and admire about him is how humble he is. He isn't like other actors who act just for the money. He only takes roles that he likes, which most of the time are in small, indie films that don't even pay that much.

I read in an article about him that he actually doesn't even consider acting as his career, even though he has received tons of awards, been nominated for an Oscar AND a Golden Globe. For a while now, he has been flipping old houses in L.A. That's how he makes most of his money. Because he makes such good money from that, he can afford to take smaller roles that don't pay as much.

He just seems like such a nice person. He is really down to Earth, he's funny, charming, intelligent, handy and a phenomenal artist (not to mention a smoldering hottie. I don't care how old he is).

I hope that one day I find a guy even HALF as amazing as Jeremy Renner.

This is a great photo shoot with Jeremy and model Lara Stone (you lucky, lucky woman).

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