Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eat, Pray and Love Yourself

This blog comes at an important time in my life. Not only is it a new year for me, it's also almost my birthday, which I guess is kind of exciting.

But besides that, this is a brand new start for me. I am in a totally new place, with a new job, new people and new experiences. Because of all this NEW, I've found myself looking inwards at myself and seeing what parts of me could use a little dose of new.

I was inclined on New Years day to make the usual vow of swearing off anything remotely unhealthy (A.K.A. delicious and addicting) and slimming down my physique. But then I had an epiphany: That is not fun!! And I really don't want to do that--not saying that I am going to become an insane glutton and take over the planet with my fat rolls. But I am sick of having an inordinate amount of attention on my body and how I look.

As cheesy as it sounds, Eat, Pray and Love Yourself is my motto for this year. I am going to start eating much healthier now, and I will exercise, but no more obsessing over my body. I am finally going to be happy in my own skin. (I also want to add that if a James Franco-esque man or James Franco himself want to come and sweep me off my feet, you are 150% welcome to do so).

In regards to "Pray", I am going to embark on my own spiritual journey this year. I plan on going to every church around where I live and experience their services. I also want to start reading more spirituality books. I really want to take up meditating, too--not even like really serious meditation. I just think it is really important for people to have at least a brief period out of the day that is quiet and peaceful.

The "Love Yourself" part will probably be the hardest thing for me. I don't think we realize how much we criticize ourselves or put ourselves down sometimes, and I am definitely a multiple repeater of this to the umpteenth degree.

So here is to a carefree (but responsible), wonderful year!


  1. I am in absolute agreement with the love yourself part! We spend way too much time criticizing ourselves and seeing what's wrong instead of appreciating what's amazing about ourselves and our bodies! I didn't even realize that this was something I needed to work on, so thanks for putting that out there. The new year is a perfect time for us to start appreciating ourselves. :)

  2. I LOVE this!!! Best New Years Resolution I've heard all year :)