Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Jane

Ok, I know I'm late in jumping on to the Miu Miu platform Mary Jane heels bandwagon, but cut me some slack. Now that I am on the bandwagon, however, I am on it like nobody's biznaz. Basically, I am OBSESSED with these Miu Miu Mary Jane platform heels. Not just the Miu Miu brand's, but just the shape in general. It's something about the shape. It reminds me of those glittery little Mary Janes that I always wore as a wee lass. You know the one's I'm talking about, girlies (if you grew up in the 90's). These shoes are like those on steroids, and I LOVE it.

But alas, to my great dismay, I don't have $500.00 chillin' in my bank account to use to purchase them :(

But leave it to Forever 21 to create a cheap knock-off. However, I must say, I was THRILLED beyond belief when I discovered these. Then I was dismally crushed when I discovered they aren't sold anymore :( It's evident that thick heels are back in style. But there is something about this specific style and shape that make me go coocoo for cocoa puffs.

This photo shoot is what really made me start going crazy for them. The fact that they can be childish and innocent yet sexy and provocative at the same time is what intrigues me the most about them. Also featured in this photo shoot is one of my favorite styling techniques: socks with heels.

Socks with these heels, especially the higher socks, look so girlie and childish. But when it's on a grown woman (especially one who has legs for days like this model) it is SOOO sexy.

I love this picture. I love how the shoes are so big and awkward. It somehow makes the rest of her body look so delicate and graceful.

I'm hiding from you because I'm too adorable.

Can you say LEGGIEEEEESSSSS? Holy sweet lord!! As if her legs weren't long and lanky and beautiful enough, you throw on those platforms and it just takes it to a whole new level! Any other shoes with a dress that short would be borderline lady of the night. But with the Mary Janes and the socks, it instantly turns it to funky-fresh sexy-chic.

My quest for my perfect Mary Jane platform heels isn't over. It has been incredibly difficult thus far to find a pair that is not stripper/prostitute looking and not dorky looking. But I know that some day soon, my quest will be fulfilled and I will be towering over the universe in my kickin' MJ platforms. :]


  1. Ha! Yes! Welcome to the bandwagon partner!
    I will give you one piece of comforting information on the Forever 21 platform MJ's - they are the most painful, unbearable heels I'd ever worn and I didn't even walk in them, I only stood in them for less than five minutes.
    And this is moi we're talkin' about...
    We shall quest for comfortable ones together!

  2. That makes me feel SO much better, Kels. I was kind of hoping that was the case, and now you have verified my hopes :D

    Yes! We deserve comfortable heels for ONCE!

  3. If you aren't already a fan - PLEASE check out Muffintopbaby - my friend Coco's blog. She also love love loved these shoes & turned a pair of her own into look alike bliss.

    I told her I'd pay her to make me a pair.