Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have recently really been delving into the tomes of famous fashion photography and rediscovered one of my favorite photo shoots of all time, if not my favorite.

It is a lingerie ad campaign by one of my favorite fashion photographers, the one and only Mark Shaw, run in Vanity Fair in 1953. He actually collaborated with one of my other favorite photographers Richard Avedon on this and won multiple awards from it.

Now you have to realize just how revolutionary and unbelievably groundbreaking these pictures were. Basically, the woman portrayed in these pictures is the antithesis of the typical 50's housewife (not to mention how absolutely unheard of it was to be exposing your tatas in a magazine). The woman in these pictures is confident, free, strong and utterly ravishing.

The other reason this shoot was so revolutionary is all the movement in the photos. Up until that time, women were basically statues. There wasn't movement in fashion photography. But Mark Shaw's genius mind did it and did it brilliantly. The pictures are so beautifully fluid. Your eyes just never want to stop tracing the elegant lines throughout the picture.

These picture represent how I think all woman should feel and what I truly believe is beautiful. I consider them some of the most unique, stunning fashion photographs ever taken.



  1. Wow. These are incredibly beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness! The lines! The silhouettes of the lingerie! Breathtaking. I'm stunned. Outstanding, visionary photography!!!