Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Morning Benders

"Talking Through Tin Cans" (The Morning Benders' 2008 album) has long (2 years haha) been one of my favorites. It never gets old. Needless to say, I had high hopes for "Big Echo" that were totally blown out of the water.

Listening to this album makes my whole body tingle. It's like parts of me learn to feel again by listening to it. Their softer melodies take you to the beach, walking with your love while the sun shines on your face and the wind gently tousles your hair. Their stronger, climactic melodies take you on a roller coaster ride of emotion that puts Disney Land to shame. It is simply magnificent.

This Youtube clip features Chris Chu (front man and adorable cutie patootie) who arranged a live studio version of "Excuses" (my favorite track from the album. My other favorites are "Promises", "Cold War", "Hand Me Downs" and "Pleasure Sighs"...but they are all so good.

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