Friday, January 21, 2011

Cape Dory

I am totally loving Tennis' new album Cape Dory. As Spring approaches and the sun starts shining more and the flowers start abloomin', Cape Dory is a delightful soundtrack to all the beauty sprouting around me. The poppy, surfer, summery beats paired with almost a 50's/Hairspray babershop quartet sound make this album a joy to listen to. It's almost as if it was written on a remote beach somewhere in California at the most beautiful time of the year.

"Seafarer" is my favorite track from the album. "Baltimore" is the most up beat track and always makes me happy. "Marathon", "Long Boat Pass" and "Take Me Somewhere" are a little slower but infectiously happy. And "Pigeon" is such a sweet love song with overtures to the 50's for sure. All in all, a really solid, happy album that will definitely be a Summer must for me.

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