Monday, January 17, 2011

Gowns of The Golden Globes

As some of you may or may not know, I want to design evening gowns in the future (along with doing costume design). Designing evening gowns is my passion as has been since I was a little girl. There is something wonderfully romantic and elegant and magical about evening gowns. They transform a woman.

So, as you can deduce from the above paragraph, whenever there is a big event like the Golden Globes or The Oscars, I transform into a giddy little school girl and go crazy for all the gowns.

This is my list of my favorite dresses from The Golden Globes 2011. I don't usually like to be a Debbie Downer, negative fashion critic. I think that it is ridiculously stupid that people are actually paid to critique what celebs wear. First of all, who cares? Second of all, why would I care what YOU think about what they wear. My motto is always, if you like it, wear it. I don't believe in following trends. And I don't believe in taking a big dump on someone's fashion choices just because I don't really like them.

That said, I did include some of my not so favorite dresses, but I tried to be fairly nice in my critiques. And again, it's just my personal opinion.

January Jone's Versace fringe dress was by far my favorite dress at The Golden Globes. She was actually put on the worst dressed list of most fashion critics, but I absolutely loved this dress. January is always a fashion daredevil, which is what I love about her. People were saying the dress was too risque for the red carpet. The dress is pretty revealing (but hello, with the rockin' bod, how could you NOT reveal it?), but the fact that she wore her hair down with a 40's wave gave the dress more of that conservative, elegance. I give January a billion thumbs WAY up and the critics a big ol' middle finger. You rocked it, January.

Anne Hathaway was dazzling in this Armani Prive sequined gown. Conservative in the front and BOW CHICKA BOW WOW! in the back. The sequins almost have a scaly look to them, making her into a sexy mermaid/snake creature. I loved the peaked shoulders and the whole silhouette of the dress.

Amy Adams was a knockout in this cobalt blue Marchesa gown. I loved the fabric and how it hangs so gracefully. I also loved the fabric accents at the shoulder and the hip. The color complimented her gorgeous red hair and made her eyes pop brilliantly.

Tina Fey looked gorgeous in this L'Wren Scott midnight blue, velvet gown. There are so many things I love about this dress. It is conservative and classy while still being revealing and sexy at the same time. The deep neckline is countered by the beautiful ruffled sleeves that are very reminiscent of early 1900's gowns. Tina's hair, makeup and jewelry were perfect for the gown, also.

Nude was a big color of the red carpet this year, but I think Sandra Bullock pulled it off best in this spectacular Jenny Packham gown. I love the light, flowy, beaded chiffon. And the detailing on it is unbelievable. It is so romantic and elegant and really reminded me of a Vionnet gown. Paired with Sandra's long hair (and new front bangs that I love), it was an incredibly whimsical dress. Truly stunning.

Eva Longoria KILLED in this form-fitting Zac Posen gown. The construction on this dress is incredible. It is modern, classy, elegant and sexy all at once and she looked stunning.

Emerald green was another popular color on the red carpet. I think that Mila definitely did it best in this jaw dropping Vera Wang gown. The dress is beautifully constructed, being form fitting and flowy and light at the same time. I love the accent on the right shoulder. It is big enough to be a statement, but not too big to detract from Mila or the rest of the dress. The train of the dress is also to die for. Mila's simple makeup and dramatic up do complimented the dress beautifully as well.

A lot of critics were giving Scarlett Johansson crap for this dress, but I think it's beautiful. People were saying it was too conservative. Man, you're either too risque or too conservative. You just can't win. I think this shimmering, nude Elie Saab gown is elegant and beautiful. I find nude dresses very sexy because your eyes almost can't tell what's skin and what's dress. It's a little tease. It's definitely not a knock out, WOW dress, but I really like it and I thought she looked beautiful.

Lea Michele wore one of my favorite designers, Oscar de la Renta, and dazzled on the red carpet. I loved the soft pink and all the beautiful ruffled drapery. Quite the statement gown.

There is hardly anything I love more than a pregnant mama-to-be in a gorgeous gown. It is like celebrating womanhood and new life to the highest degree. There is just something incredibly beautiful about it to me. Jane Krakowski looked marvelous in this dusty blue, Badgely Mischka gown. Not only is the dress beautiful, but heloooo! Sexy leg slit! That is one hot mama! And I've got to give her big props for wearing those towering heels when she's that far along. What we do to look good. Geesh.

I was kind of on the fence about Kelly Osbourne's Zac Posen gown, but I actually like it. It's really different and I like that. I really like the asymmetrical alignment of the dress and the way the black seems to wrap around. It is very unique.

Julia Stiles rocked this Romona Keveza mermaid gown and nailed the one-shoulder trend.

J-Lo was on most people's worst dressed list, but I actually really liked this gown. People were saying it was matronly because of the bolero/poncho thing. I thought it was actually really elegant and beautiful. I loved the way it hung off of her and I love the sheerness of it. White gowns are dangerous because they can sometimes go bridal, but I thought this was a very simple, classy, unique dress.

Milla Jovovich shone in her Armani Prive gown. I loved the neckline on this dress. Very simple but elegant.

Dianna Agron was an understated beauty in this J Mendel gown.

Elizabeth Moss was an emerald beauty in this Donna Karen gown. I love the ruching on the bodice--really gorgeous.

The always classy and beautiful Helen Miren looked absolutely gorgeous in this champagne, Jil Sander gown. The beaded sleeves offset the rest of the gown, giving it a simple elegance. The necklace is undeniably Art Deco (one of my favorite periods of art) while the dress had more of an Art Nouveau feel to it. And with those two periods for inspiration, it is impossible to go wrong.

Nicole was a minimal beauty in this Prada gown.

Carrie Underwood sparkled in this strapless Badgley Mischka gown.

Julie Bowen nailed the one-shoulder trend in this unique Tadashi Shoji gown. I loved the color and the ruffled, deconstructed flower details on the shoulder and skirt. It flowed beautifully.

Kyra Sedgwick glowed in this ember, Emilio Pucci gown. I loved the color, I loved the lightness and I loved the neckline.

Catherine Zeta Jones also opted for the emerald in this amazing Monique Lhuillier gown. The thick brocade is just immaculate. The silhouette is simple, but intricate. All in all, it is incredibly elegant and beautiful.

Now for the misses....

I LOVE Christina Hendrix and her vavavoluptuous figure. And although I loved the color of the dress, I felt that the giant flower was just too much. Maybe if she had her hair up, it wouldn't have looked so crowded around her face, but I just felt that the flower detracted from her beautiful face and figure.

Side note: I love how creepy and stalkery Johnny Depp looks in the background.

I know most people put Angelina on the best dressed list, but I didn't like this dress. I loved the color, but I think this dress is extremely matronly. The silhouette is boring and way too covered up, in my opinion. It looks like something my grandma has in her closet, and not one of the cool old dresses I want to get in her will. One of the 70's/80's dresses that just needs to be burned and never spoken about again.

I didn't really like Natale Portman's dress. At first when I saw her I thought, "Wow, that is an unflattering dress. She looks preggers." Well, I just found out she IS preggers haha. But preggers or not, I didn't find this dress very attractive. I actually really like the color of it and the silhouette, but the gaudy red, sparkly flower just killed it for me. If she had lost that, it would have been simple and elegant.

I was sadly disappointed with Leighton Meester's choice of gown. This Burberry Prorsum gown didn't exactly rev my engines, if you catch my drift. I thought the color was drab and the silhouette just wasn't very flattering, in my opinion. This gown might have worked had Leighton worn a more modern up do. But with her hair down, it just looks to Little House On The Prairie to me.

Halle, we all know that you are a smoking hot bombshell. We don't need to see you in a corset mini dress with a chiffon train to see that. Halle usually has such great dresses, but this one was just TOO risque and revealing to me. I just laughed when I saw the chiffon train. Sorry, but some long see through fabric isn't going to distract from how short and skimpy the actual dress is.

Before I talk about this dress, you need to be aware of my extreme dislike of Calvin Klein. I am all for immaculate minimalism, but Calvin Klein makes minimalism boring and drab in my opinion. With that said, this peach gown really did nothing for me...or Emma. With her newly bleached hair, I thought Emma turned into a peach/beige blob on the red carpet. A stylish blob, but a blob nonetheless.

Ah this Marchessa dress was just prom dress on sparkly acid to me. I didn't like it at all and I thought the skirt was way overkill.

This isn't a beach party, Heidi. Cool dress, but not for the red carpet.

I know Christina was on some of the best dressed lists, but I just couldn't get myself to like this dress (and this is the queen of lace we're talking about.) Lace is like my fabric soulmate, but this dress just felt like upscale saloon girl/brothel employee to me.

I'm all for flower power, but there is a time and a place for it. I think I have mentioned before how bitter I am at the new Valentino regime, and this is why. This dress makes NO sense. It's too nice to be just like a summer lounging dress and too...flowery weird to be a red carpet dress. Michelle looks like an adorable 60's flower child, but I just don't think this dress works on the red carpet.

Oh, Helena, how do I love thee and your ballsy fashion. No one is ever expecting normal from Helena, so this wasn't that much of a shocker. I don't particularly like this dress, but I think this Vivienne Westwood dress was very her. Granted, it didn't fall into the typical red carpet accepted gowns, but it was her style.


  1. Hahaha I'm doing a post on the golden globes too! I love how I completely agree with some of yours and others (like some of the misses) I totally love! It's good to have different opinions though :)

  2. Haha I know some of my misses were on a lot of people's top lists. But it's just ma taste. What can I say?

    I can't wait to see your list, Cynth!

  3. So, Anne Hathaway's dress had me drooling. It was so classy and uber-sexy all at the same time. And I completely agree with you on Helena's look. I would be offended if she wore something simple & expected. You can't be married to Tim Burton & be any shade of normal. Her eccentricity is a reflection of her sheer genius.