Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heart Palpitations

Besides the anniversary of my birth, something else equally if not more momentous than that occurred in the beginning of January. I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with "Schmian Schmosling schmin Schmee Schmoo." Just do you don't have to decode that, I'll spell it out: Ryan Gosling in GQ!!!

I have LONG had a mega crush on Ryan Gosling. So needless to say, I was incredibly happy when this GQ came out. I can't WAIT to see Blue Valentine. I've heard some really great things about it. Ryan is always great in whatever he does, so I know it will be great.

After reading the article in GQ about Ryan, I started loving him more, which I didn't know was possible. I discovered that after the massive popularity explosion of The Notebook (*sighhhh*), Ryan got a job at a deli in L.A.! When asked why he did it he said, "I'd never had a real job. The problem with Hollywood is that nobody works. They have meals. They go to Pilates. But it’s not enough. So they do drugs. If everybody had a pile of rocks in their backyard and spent every day moving them from one side of the yard to the other, it would be a much happier place.”

I could NOT agree with that more.

When asked if he expected retribution from his success, he responded: "Look, this is crazy. I don’t understand how I’m here, living this life, wearing this suit. I assume I’m going to pay for it someday….And that’s okay. It seems fair to me. I just want to be ready for it. I want to meet it like a gentleman."

Well, I've got news for you, Ryan. You ARE a gentleman--and a scholar....ok, I'm not sure about the scholar part. But you are definitely a gentleman. And a smouldering hot slab of man.

This photo shoot was very cleverly done. I love the use of the shadows and the black and white.


  1. Oh. My. Ryan. Gosling.!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great stars of Neptune (cause apparently I'm a fucking Gemini now)! That article blew my mind. He is SO sane. Wow. I completely and utterly agree on not being able to fathom that I love him even more than I did before, but I do.

    He is the epitome of a gentleman. And he IS Sexy.

  2. Hahaha no way, Kels!! You're still the same Zodiac sign. Always will be. That's straight up Bolsheviks right thur.

    But YES! He is unbelievably sane and level headed and so NOT Hollywood. Haha I know right! Our love is like a bottomless abyss for him! He is truly amazin'.