Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wanna Hang?

Lately, I have found myself gravitating towards extremely long, dangly earrings. Maybe it is partly because they are the only earrings that can be seen due to my inconvenient bob that conceals my ears. Or perhaps it is my love of the 60's. Either way, I love them and they are awesome.

I've been having a hard time finding really cool, dangly earrings, though. I want Twiggy and Edie style earrings, but I think those might be too extreme for most women now. They do look a bit challenging to wear. But hey, fashion is not for the faint of heart. Go big or go home...pansies.

Ah, mon amour. My love, my idol, the wind in my sails: Twiggy. J'adore sa!

And my other 60's love: Edie Sedgwick. I meant to cut Ashlee Simpson out, but I forgot. Sorry, but you will never come close to comparing to Edie's magnificence. Anyway, these earrings are out of control!!! They look so painful but amazingly awesome!

Drama, drama, drama. I love that you could wear the most simple dress (like a retro shift dress) and have a pair of earrings like this be your main accessory.


I love this picture. SO mod/retro. The earrings look like big cubes.

I found these on Etsy. They're not old, but at least people are trying to bring that style back!! That makes me happy!

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  1. Ok, if I had any doubt (which I didn't) that we are vintage soul mates, it is now solidified by cement mixed with super glue piled with a dollop of molten hot lava hardened on top.

    Long dangly earrings are my essence of being. Edie Sedgwick is my idol (except for the whole drug thing and being suppressed by Andy). So, basically what I'm trying to tell you is that I lobe you berry, berry much and I can't even begin to describe how fulfilled I felt when I first read this!

    You are my other half. Like I'm from the 40's, but are obsessed with the 60's and you're the 20's and mesh all of it together in one parfait vintage masterpiece! <3<3