Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweet Lid

When I saw this picture, I basically went gaga for it. It pretty much sums up my fall/winter look: floppy, baggy, slouchy and last and most importantly CHIC. If I hadn't added the last part, I would have been describing a crazy hobo lady or an amoeba.

I just love everything about this look. But my FAVORITE part is the floppy hat. I have become obsessed with floppy hats starting like...last month.

There is just something absolutely delightful about them. They are extremely sexy to me. Something about how they just flow and cascade around your face effortlessly, creating a delicate shelter. They also have that air of mystery and tease about them. People think, "I wonder what she looks like...oh!" And then you get one, short peek before it's hidden again by the mischievous brim.

I love that they an be worn with virtually everything and in almost every occasion.

Not to mention they can be worn in every season, too!

Ok...maybe a little overkill. But can you ever really have too much of a fabulous hat?


  1. Okay, I swear to god we must have the same mind then. I'M obsessed with floppy hats too! I already have a mini collection of two! They are perfect and liked you said, sexy. Can't wait to see you rocking yours!

  2. Hahaha I am not surprised, Cynth! Take some pics of you in your wonderful hats!! And I shall do the same!

  3. Yeaaahhhh

    Floppy hats are the shit